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APC Battery

Get the APC battery from Batteryplex!

  • Powers Back Up Systems
  • Various APC Batteries Available
  • Ship Most Items Within 24 Hours
  • Easy, Secure Online Shopping

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Keep the Power Flowing with a Replacement APC Battery from Batteryplex

Imagine a major electrical storm hits your area and all of your power went out. If you do not have a battery operated back-up system, not only will you lose power, you could also end up losing everything on your computer. Your files, your photos, your videos and everything could be lost in the blink of an eye. These kinds of things are known to happen. A UPS system (also known as an uninterruptable power supply) can be just the thing to make sure you do not lose vital data on your computer. Having a good battery for your UPS system is equally as essential. Save big money at Batteryplex by simply replacing the batteries in your APC UPS. Our new replacement APC battery is known to be a workhorse for the UPS system and you can purchase a high quality APC battery at Batteryplex. With our new replacement APC battery inserted into your American Power Conversion UPS system, you can keep your computer backed up as well as other electronic devices such as monitors, routers and fax machines.

Batteryplex is a leading supplier of batteries, battery chargers and battery accessories as well as inverters online. They are your source for UPS replacement batteries and have more than 3,000 kinds of batteries available for all brands of UPS systems at discounted prices. The APC battery is just one kind of UPS replacement battery they offer. Batteryplex offers some of the most popular models of APC battery such as the APC replacement battery APC RBC2, the APC replacement battery APC RBC32 and the APC replacement battery APC RBC7. When selling an APC battery, Batteryplex will also provide the highest quality of service to its customers. All of our new replacement APC batteries have performance guaranteed, meet all manufacturer specifications and are industry proven. You can get an APC battery at Batteryplex easily by logging on to our website ( and browsing through our large selection of back up power devices.

Whatever you need concerning an APC battery, you are sure to find it at Batteryplex. They have various models of the APC-UPS replacement battery available. This includes APC AP, APC BACK UPS OFFICE, APC BACK-UPS VS, APC MATRIX-UPS, APC SMART-UPS, APC SMART-UPS SMT, APC SYMMETRA PX, APC BACK-UPS ES, APC BACK-UPS PRO, APC BACK-UPS XS, APC POWERCELL, APC SMART-UPS RM, APC SMART-UPS XL models and a whole lot more.

If you have an office full of computers with an American Power Conversion UPS connected, having a new replacement APC battery can prove to be extremely useful to you. Having a power surge protector is not always enough. For instance, brownouts can cause damage that power surge protectors cannot prevent. A UPS system with an APC battery from Batteryplex installed will at least give you the chance to power down properly in the event of a power outage and save the information on your computers.

There are various APC replacement batteries available at Batteryplex including:

These come with either a new 6 or 12 volt APC equivalent or higher capacity battery or batteries that come with a one-year warranty. Customers may order by the RBC number or model number (RBC stands for APC Replacement Battery Cartridge). Batteryplex only ships new, fresh batteries. It is also important that customers keep and reuse the existing cables, connectors and trays since we only provide top quality new replacement APC batteries at a huge savings to you.

Do not let a power surge destroy everything you have worked for on your computer. Come to Batteryplex for a replacement APC battery for your UPS system and get the protection you deserve. They also offer other batteries such as motorcycle batteries, wheelchair batteries, cordless phone batteries and more. For additional information about getting your replacement APC battery, call us at 954-247-8798 or email

Featured Article:

Finding a Replacement APC Battery for Your UPS System

[Posted by Randy Walker]

Power Requirements

What do you need to power with the UPS? Some individuals will use their UPS to power a few small servers, but others use the device to keep large business datacenters from going down. You need to buy an APC Battery that will provide enough power for your needs. If the battery isn't strong enough, then you may not be able to power the connected hardw

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Replacing the APC Battery in Your UPS

[Posted by Randy Walker]

Reduce Electrical Hazards

If you want to greatly reduce the likelihood of being injured from a severe shock, then there are a few things that you should do before attempting to change the battery. The first thing is to use a screwdriver with an insulated handle.You should also remove anything magnetic and conductive from your body. This is especially true for any watches or wristbands that might come in contact with the APC battery. It's also a good idea to work on a surface that won't have any static electricity. While working on the carpet is not a good idea, working on a wooden table is perfect.

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