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Entries for month: January 2013

Plan for Winter Storms with a Lead Acid Battery Charger

January 29, 2013

Written by: Randy Walker

Winter storms are a very challenging form of emergency as they may include blizzards, high winds, or hails that can cause power outages. Sometimes power can be knocked out for hours, while in other cases power outages may last for several days. In the United States, winter storms happen annually. When the lights go out during an emergency situation, like winter storms, it is important to have equipment on hand, such as a Lead Acid Battery Charger from BatteryPlex, to ensure your emergency lights are fully functional.

There are numerous benefits of charging your emergency light batteries with a BatteryPlex Lead Acid Battery Charger. Keeping your emergency lights charged ensures that they are either activated during a power outage, and are an important feature in a residential or commercial building as they help in minimizing injuries and damages during power black outs. Emergency lights that are powered by a Lead Acid Battery Charger can alleviate confusion and panic that usually accompanies winter storms. Preparing for a proper lighting back-up plan is an essential task that needs to be carried out before an emergency arises.

When storing emergency lights, make sure that they are stored without the emergency light batteries installed in them. Generally, batteries can leak and rust over time and may completely damage the light source. This is why it is important to use a Lead Acid Battery Charger, while also making sure to keep fresh sets of emergency light batteries with the lights at all times. They should be stored conveniently close to each other, either the batteries are taped around the light or kept inside the same emergency kit, so there is no need to look for them while under duress. Check all your batteries and Lead Acid Battery Charger once a month or two to see if they are charged or working. If they are no longer working, charge them up or replace them immediately with a new set. Have a calendar marked at regular intervals when checking the emergency light batteries.

Make sure that during an emergency situation, things like emergency lights, which are needed the most, are easy to find. Store them somewhere that is conveniently easy to get a hold of, even if the area is dark. To prevent compounding the problem with an injury, avoid placing the emergency lights in a junk drawer with sharp or dangerous items. It is always best to keep them in a safe and convenient place that is easy to find and easy to reach. It is also a good idea to store them in various areas of the house or building.

Consider keeping a primary emergency light on the main floor of the house. Also, include flashlights in smaller kits that are stored in other levels of the house for an easy access. Some of the best areas to keep the emergency lights include inside the bedroom close to the bed, in the garage’s emergency kit, in the first aid kit, near the front and back doors, and hanging them on a peg near a window or a door entrance. 

Overall, getting caught without lights or power is something that is to be expected with any winter storm, so familiar should always be prepared with emergency lights and emergency light batteries. Taking the steps and time needed to prepare for an emergency can greatly help in keeping one’s self and family safe and calm during a difficult situation.

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Choosing Between Emergency Light Batteries

January 28, 2013

[Posted 28 Jan 2013 by Randy Walker]

Some people never know the importance of emergency light batteries until a power shortage happens. Even if you are fortunate to have emergency lights at home or in the office, they won’t be of any use if your batteries are dead. So, it is best to keep a stock of these batteries so you can continue with your usual tasks, in case of emergencies such as this. There are different kinds of emergency light batteries to meet each kind of requirement.

About Emergency Batteries

These are batteries that are used to activate the light when electrical power is lost in case of an emergency. After power loss, these batteries power the emergency lights for a minimum of 90 minutes. Emergency lights, compared to other fixtures like emergency signs, make use of more powerful batteries since they have to give power to incandescent lamps that need more electricity.

Criterion of Batteries for Emergency Lights

• They must reach a full charge within 24 hours, at the most.
• They should have the power to give 90 minutes of illumination.
• They should have sufficient voltage capacity and amperage to give power to the lamp heads of emergency lights.
• Installing and replacing emergency lights should be simple for anyone to do.

Types of Emergency Light Batteries

Nickel cadmium

Batteries of this type are commonly used for smaller emergency lights, exit signs, portable electronic devices, and remote control toys.

Lead acid

These recycled batteries are used for small to medium size exit signs and emergency lights.

Lead calcium

This is a type of lead acid battery that is suitable for cold environments. It lasts longer and has lower costs of maintenance.

Why Choose Rechargeable Batteries

To avoid the clutter of storing multiple batteries, you may want to consider investing in rechargeable batteries for emergency lights. You can purchase them in kits, which include their charger. Though they are slightly more expensive than traditional batteries, they will last for a longer time. You can charge a set of batteries while the other set is being used by your emergency lights. Then, you can switch them whenever you need to. The amount of time you need to completely charge your batteries will depend on the type of charger you buy.

Buying Batteries Online

Emergency light batteries are relatively inexpensive when purchased online, since you can compare the best prices, so it is a good idea not only to buy batteries for your emergency light but also to purchase backups. You will never know when a power outbreak may happen and how long it will last. When you are prepared for such situations, you can feel secure that your emergency light will not let you down.

No matter what your choice may be, whether it is the traditional or rechargeable form of batteries, there are top brands available from BatteryPlex. In addition to this, you can find many brands at discounted prices. With emergency light batteries, it’s best not to take chances—and you can stay prepared on a budget by ordering through BatteryPlex.

Save Money with an AGM Battery from BatteryPlex

January 23, 2013

Written by: Randy Walker

An Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) battery is one of the most advanced batteries currently on the market. These batteries are often compared to gelled batteries because they have similar benefits, but AGM batteries last longer, can take more abuse and are roughly the same price. At the same time, there are many other additional benefits that will enable you to save some money if you decide to start using AGM batteries from BatteryPlex.


Nearly all AGM batteries are recombinant. Water is used in a battery for many reasons, but the vast majority of this water is lost during electrolysis. AGM batteries allow the hydrogen and oxygen gasses to combine inside of the battery. They will turn back into water after they are finished combining. You will often use 99 percent less water to power one BatteryPlex AGM battery. This means that you will save a lot of money due to the lack of maintenance.

Lower Shipping Costs

If you are used to buying large batteries, then you may also be used to outrageous shipping charges. Large batteries are often considered hazardous, and hazardous shipping can be much more expensive than non-hazardous shipping. AGM batteries are considered non-hazardous because of the glass mats used in their construction. Most batteries allow the electrolyte acid to slosh around everywhere inside of the battery. AGM batteries have glass mats that are used to contain the acid. This means that the acid will not spill if the battery is broken. They are also made so that the acid will not spill even if the glass is cracked. This reduces shipping charges, and makes these batteries much easier to manage.

No Heating

Every battery has some sort of resistance. This creates heat while the battery is powering something. Most batteries require a complex heat transfer system so that they don't burn, and to avoid any fires. AGM batteries will heat up a little during use, but it's close to nothing. You can often use an AGM battery without a heat transfer system. This is because these batteries have very low resistance.

Low Discharge

Batteries will discharge when you don't use them for a long time. Usually the discharge is significant and you will need to spend hours charging the battery to make it work again. Not only that, but many batteries will be damaged if they aren't used regularly. AGM batteries have a very low discharge rate. You can expect a maximum discharge rate of three percent. They can also be recharged to 95 percent or higher even after 30 days of being completely discharged.

Enclosed Spaces

The last benefit that will help you save money is that AGM batteries can be used in enclosed spaces without any venting. This is because the hydrogen emissions are very low. This means that the batteries are safe, and they can be used in convenient places so that you can get power where you need it. AGM batteries are incredibly useful and may help you save money overtime. They don't leak, the shipping costs are dramatically lower, the discharge rate is incredibly low and you don't need to waste funds using a lot of water with the battery. They can withstand harsh temperatures without breaking, and they require very little maintenance. If you want to save money and still have a lot of power, then AGM batteries are the right choice for you.

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Protect Yourself with a RBC7 Battery

January 17, 2013

Written by: Randy Walker

In this world of technology, we find ourselves being overly dependent on electrical appliances, gadgets, and the like, not only in business establishments but in our households as well. Despite all the development and modernization, we still experience problems with regard to electricity. When it comes to our computer concerns, in the event of a power failure, we need to recover our files as soon as we can. In this regard, we can rely on the RBC7 Replacement Battery in our APC UPS.

A UPS is needed for an uninterrupted supply of power. Every time its battery runs out of power, the UPS will need a replacement battery to give it new life. This is why the RBC7 Battery is important. It can protect electrical appliances in the office and home. Most important of all, it can protect against loss of data or damage to hardware whenever there are unexpected brownouts and power outages.


The RBC7 Replacement Battery is a special back-up battery that is designed to work with APC UPS units. It measures 7 .13 inches length x 6 inches width x 6.54 inches height. There are a number of dealers, though, that sell these batteries in different specifications.

Advantage of RBC7 Replacement Battery

Relying on simple data recovery services means users have to go through all the trouble of removing the hard drive plus other important components, which were damaged. Even if they are sent for inspection and repair, there is a poor chance of recovering the files we need. With a battery backup system such as the RBC7 Battery System, a mid-sized APC unit will be able to give unlimited protection against recurring voltage fluctuations and unexpected power outages.


The RBC7 Battery is both sound-free and non-spill-able, making it suitable for any workplace. This backup system can run for an indefinite period with its removable battery cartridge, which is simple and quick to replace.


This battery comes with a price that is affordable to many. Ever since it has been used, there are rarely any complaints from users with regard to budget and damages. This is since they know that this is a worthwhile investment when it comes to protecting expensive technological equipment and valuable information.

Continuous power supplies, just like the UPS, are the best solution when an unforeseen power failure happens. Eventually, UPS batteries will need to be replaced either because they have weakened or have expired. With the APC’s RBC7 Replacement Battery, you can breathe new life into a UPS system. Now, users in an office setting will no longer be frustrated since they will have a continuous backup of data and uninterrupted work. There is, likewise, an alternative power source for the phone systems, business network, and servers. Moreover, offices and homes that have a lot of equipment do not have to worry since they are available in a packaging, which is maintenance free. They are designed for a deep-cycle standby and are easy to use and maintain.

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A Replacement Razor Scooter Battery from BatteryPlex is Longer Lasting and More Reliable

January 08, 2013

Written by: Randy Walker

Many people love their Razor Scooters because of their power, durability and easy mobility. You can easily bring your Razor Scooter to work, school, home and anywhere else. At the same time, this mobility has a price—every user relies on a battery to power their Razor Scooter. While the battery will usually be great at first, it will have a harder time holding a charge as it gets older. However, you can regain maximum mobility with a replacement Razor Scooter Battery from BatteryPlex.

Improved Battery Life

Many original Razor Scooter batteries last at least one year or longer before there is a significant decrease in the maximum charge. This gives technology a long time to advance. The truth is that advanced technology today will usually be obsolete in about six months or less. The amazing battery that you got with your Razor Scooter might be terrible when compared to the best Razor Scooter Battery from BatteryPlex.

Full Power

If you are like most people, then you are probably doing everything you can to improve your Razor Scooter's longevity. While any number of steps will improve your original battery's life, it also means that you can't use the full power of your Razor Scooter because you are placing battery life over efficiency and convenience.

Getting a replacement Razor Scooter battery allows you to use your Razor Scooter to its fullest capacity. This is especially important if you use it for extended periods of time.

Cheaper Alternative

Many people don't think about getting a new Razor Scooter battery. They will instead buy a new Razor Scooter. While this allows them to enjoy the upgraded hardware, it is a much more expensive option. It's also unnecessary if you love your current Razor Scooter and there are no problems other than the battery life. Razor Scooters can cost anywhere from $100 to upwards of $200 or more depending on their hardware, but you can buy a replacement battery for a fraction of that cost.

Best Battery Life

Another benefit of buying one or more replacement batteries is that you can use them to greatly enhance your overall battery life. If you are constantly moving and you don't always have the time to charge your Razor Scooter, then you should consider buying a few batteries and charging them whenever you can.

This allows you to swap a charged battery for a drained one to keep your Razor Scooter running. This is a great strategy that you can use to improve your efficiency at work or school.

Buying a replacement Razor Scooter battery is a great option if you are beginning to notice that your Razor Scooter battery doesn't last as long as it used to. This allows you to continue using your Razor Scooter without having to buy a new one. If you love your Razor Scooter, but are unhappy with its current lifespan, consider purchasing a new Razor Scooter battery.

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