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10 Interesting Battery Facts About Products You Use Every Day

June 17, 2015

When it comes to powering up your cordless electronic devices, you probably do not think much about that little cylinder you are slipping into the back of the remote. Batteries are not a new product, but they are evolving. Today's products are not only more powerful than ever, but they use a variety of sources of energy and are more environmentally friendly than ever. That means you really have to get to know what these products can offer to you and what they are responsible for doing in your life. Check out these cool facts:

[

Top 10 Facts About Emergency Lighting with a Lithonia Battery

May 13, 2015

Written by: Randy Walker

Emergency lights are far from optional. They are a necessity for your business, just like an APC battery is a necessity for your computer. The types of emergency lights to use, the power systems you want, and where you place them are up to you. Before you go buying lights willy-nilly, get the facts about emergency lighting that can make your purchasing decisions easier. Remember: the safety of you, your workers and the customers in your business is your responsibility. And you need to make sure that people can see properly to evacuate buildings or continue with operations when the lights go out.

1: Not all lights are always on

Emergency lighting doesn't have to be constantly enabled. There are models that light up the moment the power supply becomes interrupted such as when there is a blackout, fire, natural disaster or accident that affects the main lighting system. These types of lights are commonly called non-maintained systems. With the light not being on, it can save on maintenance and battery life for the lighting system.

2: Emergency lights can work double duty

Emergency lights are extremely versatile, as they can also double as regular lighting systems that are used every day. The double-duty option works well for you if you don't have it in your budget to maintain two different lighting systems. If you work in an older building or in an area that experiences tons of brownouts, you'll be able to keep the people safe inside.

3: Lower maintenance for units with self-contained batteries

One of the top reasons for getting an emergency light with a self-contained Lithonia battery is the lower maintenance costs. You can fix one emergency light that is faulty instead of having to fix sets of lights connected into the same lighting system. The system's integrity is better maintained as well. While it can be a pain to test each system individually, in the end, it is a trade-off that you might be willing to make.

4: Shorter battery life is a disadvantage to some emergency lights

While the lower maintenance of these systems are an advantage, be advised that the battery life isn't as good for some products. So you should shop around and find the one that you are comfortable with to have in your building. Also, you need to be willing to set up a testing schedule to ensure the lights are working properly. Having a dead battery during an emergency is not advisable.

5: It is a requirement everywhere

There isn't a business on the face of this earth that doesn't require emergency lights in some form and that those lights should be in working condition. If you happen to be in a building with no emergency lights, you want to walk out of there. It is your safety on the line, and the safety of the people who work there that is being threatened if something happens. If you are a business owner with no emergency lights in your building or you know that they are not working, imagine thousands of people giving you the stink eye right now. Better get your responsibilities in order and get those lights working.

6: There are 5 different types of standby lighting

Some commercial operations require standby lighting for business operations. There are about six different types of standby lighting, and the one you use will be based on the location and the preferences, such as lighting in wet conditions or hazardous locations. The types of standby lights you may select from include the following:

-Wet Location
-Hazardous Location

7: There are 6 common places for emergency lights

Emergency lighting isn't just for about emergency exit doors. There are about six common places where you may decide to have these types of lighting systems to improve the safety factors in your building. You can place them in stairwells, escape routes, exit doors, corridor intersections, emergency escape signs, and also near firefighting equipment such as near cases that hold fire extinguishers and water hoses. You can't deny the importance of having this lighting placed well throughout the building. There is no such thing as overkill when it comes to people's safety.

8: Emergency lights aren't for just exiting the building

Again, standby lighting has another purpose, and it is to let there be enough light to where workers can continue with the operations of the business. Hospitals, fire stations, and prisons all need to have workers in the building giving care, emergency service or overseeing prisoners despite the main lights going off. When backup lighting is essential, standby lights will get the job done.

9: Be careful of voltage drop

One thing you should be aware of when using emergency lights is voltage drop. Voltage drop happens with central battery systems when all lights are drawing power from one energy grid. The more lights you have that are spaced out further from the grid, the lower the voltage they will have as the light might not be as bright as lights located closer to the source of power. While voltage drop can be a problem with these systems, you might still select central battery units because it makes it easier to test all the lights at once. They are also easy to maintain.

10: All emergency lighting has to meet these 3 requirements

Regulations will be different between state, federal and international standards. There are three basic requirements that most regulations will talk about concerning emergency lights. If there is any power outage, the emergency lights have to come on automatically. There are no ifs, ands or buts about this one. Also, lights have to stay on for at least 90 minutes. If you can keep the lights working longer to assist emergency personnel who enter the building, that would be a great thing to do. Lastly, the lights have to provide enough illumination to see by, and should be able to light an entire egress to about a foot off the ground.

10 Important Things To Understand About Backup Systems Using An APC Battery

April 23, 2015

Written by: Randy Walker


Power backup systems are the lifesavers of your unsaved work when the electricity starts to flicker and the dark computer screen sends you screaming in anguish. Losing documents, photos, and funny memes for your social media page can just put a damper of your happy day. Power backup systems using an APC battery can give you a short amount of time to keep everything that was important to you safe on your computer. Yet, don't just hook everything up and go typing away.

Here are 10 important things to understand when using these backup power systems:

1: It won't automatically save your work.

The power goes out, but the computer is still on -- cool. You can work on the computer for an extra hour or so to finish up the big project because you know you have the backup power. But, be advised that you are pushing your luck by not hitting on that save button now. These backup power systems only keep the machine running. It won't help you hit the Ctrl + S on the keyboard to save anything. So keep this fact in mind if you are pretty far in your project.

2: There are different outlets on the device.

Not all the outlets are the same on the backup power system. Some of the outlets are surge protectors to prevent an uneven electrical power supply from damaging your equipment. Other outlets are surge protectors and will also supply your devices with power when the electricity is off. Always check to make sure you are using the right outlet with each device as you don't want to place the fax machine in the battery backup outlet that was intended for your computer.

3: It isn't a replacement for your computer battery.

Your lithium-ion battery is bad on your laptop, so you just decide to unplug the backup power system and use it as a replacement. Really? This method might be a temporary solution, but you can't just keep plugging and unplugging the backup power source from the wall. You are going to have to bite the bullet and buy a new laptop battery. There are tons of places to find these batteries. Once you get a new one, learn about the tips about prolonging the laptop battery life so it will last longer.

4: It won't last forever.

You only have a set amount of time from when the backup power system will drain completely, and you will not be able to resuscitate your computer. Use up your time wisely by saving your work, downloading software (or pausing the download for another day if it will take several hours), and playing the computer game. Prioritize your tasks and be grateful for the extra time you have with your beloved before the light flickers out from the monitor.

5: You can't load everything up onto it.

There are backup power systems that have up to 10 outlets on them. Placing everything on it such as the air conditioner and mini-fridge probably isn't the best idea because of the amount of power these items use. While you want to be cool and comfortable, you need to really decide on what items you want on there that will benefit from the surge protection and backup power. So unplug the popcorn machine, and instead, plug in the router.

6: The more you plug in, the faster the juice runs out.

The backup power system has a VA rating that tells you the amount of maximum wattage that it has. The bigger the device, the more wattage it has. You have to understand that the VA rating only applies to those outlets that supply electricity, not the surge protector outlets. Also, the device itself will use up power to operate, such as about 30 percent. So you want to purchase the one that can handle your complete computer workstation or just certain devices.

7: Too many brownouts won't do you any good.

The lights are flickering all the time even on the sunny days. You are losing power at least three times a week, or even in one day. Having the backup power in this circumstance is a smart idea, yet you have to address the bigger problem with your electrical supply. For some reason, your home isn't drawing enough power, and the reasons can be numerous -- such as a tree branch shorting out the electrical line leading to your home, a bad outlet, or even a mouse chewing on your wiring. Investigate for the problem, so you can use the backup device for its intended purpose.

8: Only use it for its intended use.

Speaking of intended purposes, the backup power system is not to be used in wacky science experiments just to get the most YouTube views. Only use one for what it is built for and avoid stupid trial and error experiments you do on a lark. Also, never take the device apart and mess around with the components inside. You can find yourself in a hospital room. The APC battery or Lithonia battery also have intended purposes.

9: Pick and choose the devices to use on the surge outlets.

It can be difficult to decide which devices to place on the surge protectors and which ones you want on the power supply outlets. You'll definitely want the computer, monitor, router and external modem on the backup system. But, you might want to take the printer off the surge protector and also place it in backup power outlet as you will be more inclined to print things out versus faxing documents. So place the devices that you rarely use, such as the fax machine and scanner, in the surge outlets.

10: The more, the merrier...

The electricity goes out as you breathe a sigh of relief for having purchased a backup power system. Unfortunately, you don't hear the familiar beeping noise to tell you it is working. When you look underneath the desk, it is gone. Yes, the kids nabbed it again to use their computers upstairs to play their online games. You might want to just face facts and purchase extra devices and batteries so everyone can use their computers when the power goes out.

Why Would I Use the elb06042 Lithonia Battery 6v 4ah 20hr?

March 27, 2015

Written by: Randy Walker


If you're looking for the elb06042 lithonia battery 6v 4ah 20hr, then it's likely that you have an emergency lighting system that you need to power. This battery has to be strong, as it needs to power all your lighting when the power goes out. 

The elb06042 lithonia battery 6v 4ah 20hr is used for Lithonia's emergency lighting systems and is designed to maintain the lasting light that you'll need. The battery can be used to power:

  • Remote lamps
  • LED emergency units
  • LED remote lamps

Along with other styles of emergency lighting equipment. 

Which Batteries Do I Need?

The elb06042 lithonia battery 6v 4ah 20hr lasts for 20 hours, keeping everything up and running until the electric power is restored. It's important that you always buy a new battery, as if you don't, it may not hold its charge for as long as you'd like it to. We always provide new batteries in this style, so you know they will charge and last the full 20 hours. 

Along with your emergency lighting system and the Lithonia battery, you need to consider the other batteries that you could need. For instance, AA and AAA batteries are the most common types, and they power everything from remote controls to your emergency radio. Your backup battery can power your lighting, but what's powering the rest of your home or business?

You can also make sure your smoke detectors continue to work in a blackout by purchasing 9-volt batteries. Remember, when a power outage happens, you may have a surge through your home or business that overcharges and damages electronics and batteries plugged into appliances. Always have a backup on hand. 

How To Prepare for a Blackout

Every year, you need to check on your stockpile of batteries and make sure they work properly. We offer a variety of new batteries for times when yours are no longer up to the challenge. It's best to check your batteries at least twice per year by testing your emergency lighting system, appliances, and accessories. 

In a business setting, you may be required to test your emergency systems at least once every 30 days. This falls under your building and fire codes, which are there to make sure your emergency systems work when you need them most. A full test takes only 90 minutes and can point out flaws in your system that you would otherwise not know existed. 

Remember to check your emergency lighting paths, markings, and lighting systems. Check your exit signs, flood lighting, and other lighting around the area. If everything is working without a hitch, you're safe for another 30 days. If not, you may want to look into purchasing new batteries for back up or taking the time to have your lighting system repaired. 

If you're in need of a new Power Sonic battery, we have what you need, whether it's AA batteries or your emergency lighting system's backup battery.

4 Tips About Charging Your Power Sonic Battery

March 17, 2015

Written by: Randy Walker


Having a Power Sonic battery has allowed you to charge up all of your electronic devices, backup power units, outdoor equipment and recreational devices. To maintain the battery so that it lasts for years, you need to ensure that you are charging it the right way. Charging the battery wrong can result in premature aging of it as the battery will hold less and less of a charge. Also, you can preheat the battery as it can become useless in a matter of hours. Find out the 4 tips about charging your battery so that it operates safely and effectively.

1: Purchase The Recommended Charger

Not every charger is suited to work with every type of battery on the market. Some chargers simply can't provide the recommended power to the battery to charge it up, while other chargers provide too much power. Finding the suitable charger for a Power Sonic or Lithonia battery is usually easy as these chargers are listed on the same page as the batteries on our website. So you can order both at the same time.

2: Understand How Charges Affect Different Batteries

Since you might have a laptop with lithium-ion batteries, you may automatically assume that you charge your Power Sonic battery the same way as you would your laptop battery. Yet batteries from Power Sonic are not like other batteries. They require special proper charging such as applying a topping when getting a new battery and fully charging it instead of only giving the battery a partial charge. By understanding more about your particular batteries, you can ensure that they have the right power for your possessions.

3: Find Out The Right Temperatures For Charging The Batteries

Certain batteries cannot be charged up when the weather is above a certain temperature. It could cause the battery and the charger to overheat. For a Power Sonic battery or for a different battery that is sealed lead acid, you should never charge it when temperatures are above 25 degrees Celsius (77 degrees Fahrenheit). These batteries should also never be charged below freezing temperatures of 0 degree Celsius (32 degrees Fahrenheit). Keeping an eye on the temperatures before using a charger will allow you to have a successful time getting your batteries powered up.

4: Don't Get Nervous Over A Warm Battery

The battery may feel warm at the end of the charge. This warmness is normal for certain batteries as you can still use it for your devices. The only batteries that should not be used when warm are regular rechargeable batteries that you would pick up at the retail store. Also, you can disrupt the charge without there being any negative affects to the battery or harm caused to the device that you will be using.

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4 Reasons To Have Home Emergency Lights That Are Powered By A Lithonia Battery

March 05, 2015

Written by: Randy Walker


A growing trend for people across the country is to have emergency lights around their home with each of them equipped with a Lithonia battery as a backup when the electricity goes out. This option is a growing trend versus fumbling around with your phone's flashlight app when trying to look for candles and flashlights. Find out the 4 reasons you should consider having emergency lights in your home.

1: Safe For Children And Pets

Candles can become a dangerous safety hazard for children and pets. Even when the lights are out, children still want to play as they will toss toys around the house. One ball aimed in the wrong direction can cause the candle to be knocked over. Also, pets that like to jump on tables can accidentally knock over a burning candle. A better option is to have emergency home lights that do not rely on electricity. Instead each has a elb06042 Lithonia battery 6v 4ah 20hr to supply it with power.

2: Assists The Elderly

Elderly living in the home can be put in danger when the power turns off. It can also be difficult for them to carry flashlights and candles about the home if they are using mobility devices such as wheelchairs and walkers. Having emergency lights can allow them to navigate hallways and see throughout the home. With a charged Lithonia battery in the lights, they can have numerous hours of light until the electricity comes back on.

3: Gives Home Security

When the lights go out in the house, it can make thieves think that nobody is home and it is the perfect time to rob the place. Home emergency lights are suitable for outside the house as well as the inside. When the home lights up, the thieves stop in their tracks wondering what is going on. You can feel safer when you are at home when the electricity is off by using these lights to deter thieves.

4: Saves Money

Why spend money on candles or flashlight batteries constantly when you have a home emergency light that works with a rechargeable Lithonia battery? The only thing you will need to do is recharge the battery when the lights grow dim and you will have plenty of power. Since every emergency light will have its own battery system, you can easily maintain the light as it is simple to install. You will have the lights lasting for years and within reach anytime the power goes out versus always having to search for batteries or candles that will be eventually thrown away after using them.

Have the battery and chargers you need for your home emergency lights when contacting BatteryPlex. We ensure that you have the batteries for your needs.

Emergency Light Batteries Infographic March 2015

March 02, 2015

Emergency Light Batteries Infographic March 2015

[

6 Reasons You Should Invest in an APC Battery

February 25, 2015

Written by: Randy Walker


With electronics seeming to become more and more advanced every few months, an APC battery is becoming one of the smarter purchases you can make. It can help you to keep your electronics charged and also run basic lighting and appliances in the event of a power outage emergency.

If you ever find yourself in a bind in terms of energy at the home or the office, one of these batteries can help save the day, powering your desktop, laptop or mobile devices when you need them most. Here are the top 6 benefits of having emergency batteries on hand:

1. Disaster Preparedness

You just never know when a disaster might strike, and having backup power could literally be a life saver. Emergency light batteries can help with disaster preparedness if your area is struck by an earthquake or other natural disaster.

2. Protection From Power Surges

Power surges can damage electronics and short out items like computers and even some appliances. A traditional power supply can leave electronics vulnerable to these occurrences, but having an APC battery backup can help to preserve the integrity of your valuable electronic items.

3. Meet Your Deadlines

Losing power and then losing the charge on your laptop can mean that you’re unable to work and could miss important deadlines. Having backup power is invaluable in ensuring that you'll be able to keep working and fulfill your obligations even if you lose power .

4. Your Devices Will Stay Charged

An APC battery ensures that all of your equipment will stay charged and functional. Whether you’re struck by a power outage due to a storm or faulty wiring in your home or business, mobile batteries will be ready to charge your devices when needed.  

5. You're Less Likely to Lose Your Work 

Losing work that you’ve spent hours of your valuable time completing can be devastating on many levels. An APC power source can keep your computer as well as your modem and router functioning through a power outage. From work to photos, videos and other media, you’re far more likely to avoid data loss from a sudden shutdown of your system when you have backup power.
6. You Can Maintain Your Reputation

Whether you’re a student or an employee, your reputation is crucial to success. You work hard to cultivate a reputation as someone who is reliable and keeps their word with colleagues, teachers, co-workers and bosses. Armed with a backup battery, you’ll never have to let any of them down due to lost work and missed deadlines caused by a power failure.

Losing power can have a range of consequences both personally and professionally. Don’t let yourself (and your electronics) be at the mercy of whether or not your power is functioning at home or at work. Invest in a backup battery from BatteryPlex, and you’ll rest easier knowing that your important electronics will be reliable even if you lose power.

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3 Reasons to Keep Emergency Light Batteries Charged

February 13, 2015

Written by: Randy Walker


Checking emergency evacuation routes regularly may not go far enough to ensure everyone’s safety if a real-life emergency arises. Emergency lights and emergency light batteries in the workplace play a key role in a successful evacuation. Avoiding these 3 emergency mistakes can save evacuation time and lives.

1. No emergency lights outside

A practice evacuation prepares the safety team and employees for a real-life emergency. Holding these mock evacuations during early morning or late night shifts will expose areas where more lighting will benefit a safe evacuation. Outdoor evacuation routes become dangerous for employees when emergency light batteries run low or no lighting exists at all.

Outdoor evacuation routes must have lights and signs that guide employees to their designated meeting area. A safety team member then counts heads to make sure everyone got out of the building safely.

2. Low batteries or no backup batteries

A fire sparks and employees must evacuate the building. The batteries in half the emergency lights flicker or are out completely, which confuses employees and makes the evacuation dangerously slow as all the electricity in the building goes out.

Maintenance checks on all emergency lights include changing and charging the batteries. For the longest lasting emergency lighting, keep elb06042 lithonia battery 6v 4ah 20hr charged and in stock. Buy these long lasting batteries in packs of 10 or cases of 20 and keep them charged for backup use in cases of emergency.

Check for low emergency light batteries each time the emergency alarm system is checked. Early warning gives employees’ time get out of the building and away from danger. Batteries power the alarms and lights needed for a safe evacuation. Staying prepared will keep employees safe during a real-life emergency event.

3. No emergency evacuation plan in place

OSHA does not require companies with 10 or fewer employees to keep a written evacuation plan. Start the New Year off by evaluating your evacuation plans and making changes if more than 10 people now work with the company. Write out the evacuation plan and post maps in each department, the break rooms, restrooms and main office. Clearly mark the nearest evacuation route in each area a map is posted.

Replace outdated exit signs and emergency lights with OSHA approved products. Each department needs at least one safety team member to keep the department up-to-date on safety procedures and to keep evacuation routes clear of obstacles.

Always keep lights and batteries ready for use in an emergency. Alarms and emergency lights save lives. Regular maintenance keeps emergency equipment ready for use and gives employees time to safely leave the building.

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6 Reasons To Shop For An Elb06042 Lithonia Battery 6V 4Ah 20Hr

February 02, 2015

Written by: Randy Walker


There are many reasons to shop for an ELB06042 Lithonia battery 6v 4ah 20hr. From preparing for emergency situations to making sure your safety system is always ready to come online, these batteries are of the utmost importance. You need to always prepare for the worst case scenario and the batteries are going to play a very large role in this. Without the batteries, you are without lights and it is the lighting that will keep people calm. Contact BatteryPlex today to begin shopping for the batteries you require for your system.

Finding a reliable source for an ELB06042 Lithonia battery 6v 4ah 20hr is of the utmost importance for many reasons. You need to rely on the batteries you buy and that’s why at BatteryPlex, we take pride in our quality and our affordability.

It’s What Your System Requires

When you have a Lithonia emergency lighting system, it will tell you what batteries are needed. When your safety system requires an ELB06042 Lithonia battery 6v 4ah 20hr, then you have no choice but to purchase those.

You Need Your System up and Ready

You never know when there is going to be an emergency and so the batteries have to be in your system and ready to go all the time. If you hesitate on buying the batteries, it could be during the time you have no batteries that you need the system the most.

Emergency Situations Call for Them

There are various emergency situations and preparation is critical. Just as you want an APC battery for your computer system and server, you need Lithonia batteries for your lighting system. This will ensure you have the lighting necessary to get everyone to safety.

Charging is Not Always Possible

When the power goes out, charging is not a possibility. The ELB06042 Lithonia battery 6v 4ah 20hr is capable of running for 20 consecutive hours without any charge. You may need to purchase multiple batteries so that you can run beyond this point because the power could be out for several days.

Help May Not be Close

Even if you live in a metropolitan area, help may not be as close as you would like to think. During an emergency, first responders go to where the biggest problems are. They may not be able to get to you because it’s not as problematic or there may be damage within the road, making it impossible for help to reach you – and the lighting will be welcome until the help gets to you.

People Need to Stay Calm

In the end, people need to stay calm during emergency situations and having lights on to tell people where they need to exit and show them what’s around them helps. At BatteryPlex, we recognize the importance of lighting in such a situation and that’s why we have the batteries as well as the quantities of batteries that you need. This ensures the system can always be up and running so that mass panic does not set in.

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