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4 Tips for Buying a Power Sonic Battery

January 26, 2015

Written by: Randy Walker


You never want to have issues with a Power Sonic Battery when you buy one. It should be in good condition and work to power your boat, ATV or other vehicle. Here are some tips to help you decide how to buy a battery that you can rely on, so no money is wasted:

1. Confirm Reputation

The reputation of a supplier is important to know. When you are going to buy a Power Sonic Battery, you'll want to be assured that the supplier is capable of providing you with one of the highest quality. There are different batteries on the market, and you have to buy one that fits the specifications of the vehicle it's intended to support. Even when you buy the right battery, you have to be confident about the supplier. BatteryPlex is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and is highly rated amongst various consumer-review sites. This information should give you a sense of the company’s reputation, so you can be more confident when making a purchase.

2. Explore Storage

Not all batteries should be stored the same way. Generally, however, dark and cool places are best for battery storage; and if you buy from a warehouse that does not practice such methodology, the battery you receive could be in a less-than-perfect state when you get it. There are fire hazards that can occur because of how some batteries are stored, and you don’t want to encounter a disaster simply because the supplier made storage mistakes from the very beginning.

3. Beware of Used Products

Buying refurbished is good for some things; but for batteries, you have to be cautious. You may never get a full charge out of a used battery, and this could lead to problems within your vehicle. If you are out on the water on your boat or out in the woods on an ATV, you don’t want the battery to fail. This is why it’s critical to read the fine print and determine exactly what it is that you are getting when you make a purchase.

4. Pay Attention to Pricing

One of the benefits to buying online is that you can make comparisons to ensure you don’t spend more than necessary. BatteryPlex offers competitive pricing so you can buy a Power Sonic Battery and any other batteries that you may need, such as an APC battery for computer backup. When you look at prices, it’s important to consider the final cost, which is inclusive of tax, shipping and handling. This is the only way to be confident you have found the best pricing available. If a price is considerably lower than anywhere else, you will want to go back to some of the other tips to confirm the you need quality is there.

Following the above-listed tips can make it easier to purchase what you need and be happy with the battery and its quality when it arrives on your doorstep.

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10 Reasons You Need Lithonia Battery Emergency Supplies

January 16, 2015

Written by: Randy Walker


  1. Nothing feels worse than when your family is nervous about  an unexpected power outage or other emergency and you find your batteries won't work. Whatever the equipment you need, whatever is urgent in your life, be covered with the reliability you can count on with any type Lithonia battery from BatteryPlex. 
  2. Get the BatteryPlex Advantage with online ordering of your Lithonia battery, for quality power service for your business or residence safety. Whether you need Power-Sonic vehicle batteries, a complete Lithonia battery back-up supply, or other AGM batteries for Powersport equipment, BatteryPlex has been the reliable leading source for your best choice of Power-Sonic batteries, chargers and other general purpose battery types.
  3. If you are the main person responsible to care for a business, your workplace, or your residence, be sure to keep high quality battery power supplies available for any emergency or maintenance task. BatteryPlex battery products help you work efficiently and gives you confidence that everything you keep watch over is safe and in good hands.
  4. BatteryPlex keeps you looking effective and forward thinking in your job when you have the exact power solution at your fingertips. Keeping a variety of batteries for all your various equipment, from forklifts to emergency exit signs, prevents surprises when the focus is on safety.
  5. Be the go-to person in your sphere of influence and have every resource available for those who count on you every day. It pays in the end when you have pre-planned to have the best battery chargers and perfect fit volt batteries handy at a moment's notice. You can advance order a complete supply of 2, 4, 6, 8 and 12 volt general purpose batteries for back up.
  6. Plus. order ahead for additional, specific needs like a few Power Sonic PS-1212 rechargeable sealed lead-acid batteries. They are manufactured with rugged ABS plastic cases with covers. This battery has a power/volume ratio yielding an unrivaled energy density.
  7. Also, these batteries are safe for operation in any position, because they are valve regulated, spill proof construction. Having this 12-volt, 1.4 Amp hours battery with AGM, or Absorbent Glass Mat technology, guarantees superior performance.
  8. The confidence we have in AGM batteries comes from their beginnings in military aircraft. We know they can now be used for most any high power automotive or vehicle needs. Using a very fine fiberglass mat to absorb the battery acid, keeps these battery types spill proof. They can be shipped without hazardous material restrictions.
  9. Also, AGM has low internal resistance and a long service life, so it is capable of delivering high currents on demand with consistent reliability.
  10. Adding this system to your supply of Lithonia battery emergency packs and Power Sonic Battery packs for general purposes, ensures that you are covered all around with a complete power source back-up plan.

4 Reasons to Buy an APC Battery

January 05, 2015

Written by: Randy Walker


Battery back-ups are important, especially for electronic devices. You need to have an APC battery on-hand, though many people don't understand why. Once you learn the reasons to invest in such a battery, you will wonder why you didn't buy one years agoI It is just what you need to protect your computer and other electronic devices.

1. Power Outages Can Happen at Random

You often have no idea when power outages are going to strike. If there is a thunderstorm, earthquake, blizzard or any other type of disaster, the power may or may not go out. You have no way of knowing what will cause the outage, but you have to be prepared regardless. This is why you should always have batteries in different sizes on the premises, including a Lithonia battery for an emergency lighting system. This is simply to provide preparation for the "what-if" scenarios that could occur. Surges can be dangerous; and when the power goes out, you want to make sure you have the necessary protection on all of your electronic devices.

2. Computers Need a Proper Shutdown

There are countless computer shutdown problems that could be experienced in the event of a sudden power outage. You don't want to experience the hassles associated with these kinds of software and hardware issues, and that's why an

3. You Need to Save Your Work

Whether it's on your home or work computer, saving work is important. You don't want to be in the middle of a story or an important business presentation when your computer shuts down unexpectedly. If this happens, you could lose all of your work – and this can be devastating on many levels. When you have an APC battery connected to the computer, you can take the time to save your progress – providing much-needed peace-of-mind as you work throughout the day and night.

4. You Can't Rely on Your Computer Battery

You may have an older computer that you have been using for years and have no desire to upgrade because it has all of your trusted material on it. The battery has been charged and recharged many times, and therefore you cannot rely on it to work as it should all on its own. Your computer needs a battery to function properly, and therefore it is in your best interest to invest in an APC battery. This way, you'll always have the extra battery, should the one inside your computer ever fail.

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7 Reasons You Should Use an APC Battery Backup Supply

December 21, 2014

In a day when smartphones are becoming more advanced, having an APC battery supply seems to make sense now more than ever. You may not always be able to take your backup supply with you, but it does help you keep your mobile equipment charged when you are at the home or office.

[

4 Common Uses for a Power-Sonic Battery

December 11, 2014

Written by: Randy Walker


The Power-Sonic Battery is a specific brand known for its quality and reliability. It can be used for several different motorized agents -- including vehicles and lawn equipment -- and it's important to know which model is made for what. This way, you always have the right backup battery needed for your personal property. There are various Power-Sonic models, so you need to read the fine print on the battery to ensure that you're buying exactly the one required. This is vital for avoiding power surges or other electrical issues.

Here are four common things that use Power-Sonic equipment:

1. Motorcycles

Motorcycles may require a Power-Sonic Battery to keep them up and running. It is a popular brand of battery, especially for dirt-bikes and off-road vehicles. If you are going to be taking your bike out on a regular basis, you want to make sure the battery is strong enough to hold up against all of the elements. It is ideal to have a back-up battery on-hand, in the event the first one fails. It's also a good idea to know where to buy the right battery, so you know where to turn for help in a pinch.

2. Boats

Boats require batteries to run. When you begin installing a battery, it's important to make sure it is the right model. This requires looking at all the details, including the power output. Your boat may require a Power-Sonic Battery, which is a common brand. It is important not to use any substitutions, as this can lead to problems with the way the boat runs or even prevent it from running at all. The last thing you want is to be stranded out on the water because you made the call to use a substitution battery just to save money.

3. ATVs

ATVs, also known as all-terrain vehicles, can include recreational vehicles that are used on the snow, in the mud, and through the woods. These can be very powerful vehicles, and therefore require a really powerful battery. At BatteryPlex, we offer a wide range of batteries for you to choose from so you don't have to settle for any substitutions. The battery that the owner's manual says you should use is the one that should be purchased to avoid any kind of engine problems or other issues with operation.

4. Lawnmowers

You should always be aware of proper protocol for battery storage. Just as you need to know how to store a Lithonia Battery for an emergency lighting system, you should also know how to store batteries for lawnmowers. Whether you have a mower for personal use or for your business, it's important to have a battery accessible when one is needed. Especially if your livelihood comes from using ride-on mowers that are always going, you need to know how a Power-Sonic Battery is going to help. They can last for a long time, but when they go, a replacement is needed immediately so you're able to move on.

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5 Advantages and Uses for a Lithonia Battery

December 05, 2014

Written by: Randy Walker


You may need a Lithonia battery for an emergency lighting system. If you already have one battery, you may not know why you need another one - or even a full supply of them. There are many reasons to have backup batteries available and much of it boils down to simply being prepared for the unexpected. Here are five advantages and uses for a Lithonia Lighting battery pack:

1. Emergency Preparedness

You never know when natural disasters are going to hit. While you may be given notice about a hurricane, there are other disasters that provide absolutely no notice. Tornados, earthquakes and fires happen with little or warning at all. Therefore, you are simply expected to respond. When you have the batteries you need on-hand, it is easier to act quickly. An APC battery allows you to shut down your computers while the other batteries can keep your emergency lighting system up-and-running.

2. Long-Lasting Power

A Lithonia battery should be long-lasting. Many are capable of running for hundreds of hours, which ensures that you have the power that’s necessary to keep a lighting system going, even when the electricity remains down for a prolonged period of time. In the event that you need the battery for more than the few-hundred hours it provides, you will want a back-up – and that’s why you will need more than one battery on premises at any given time.

3. Affordability

You may be surprised to find that emergency batteries can be affordable. At BatteryPlex, we are known for providing the variety that is needed at affordable and competitive prices. You can look at the details of your lighting system and then buy the according battery. Having multiple ones on premises is not only a way to prepare, but may also be the more affordable way to purchase the batteries. This will ensure you have them when needed, especially if you store them properly.

4. Calming People Down

mass panic can occur during an emergency situation. Much of this happens at night when people cannot see their way out of a building or make out their surroundings. With a Lithonia battery powering the emergency lighting systems, you have an immediate way of calming people down. As soon as you flip the switch for the lights to come on, people can get their bearings and become calmer.

5. Offer Protection

You need to have protection for the people of your business or your community, which is yet another reason to have a Lithonia battery. People are going to turn to you for help and it may be possible for you to open your doors when you have an emergency lighting system up and running that you can count on. The more batteries you have, the longer it will be possible to offer protection. It may take days or even weeks for power to be restored, so you should be able to offer lights for as long as needed to keep people safe and secure.

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ELB06042 Lithonia Battery 6v 4ah 20hr - Infographic - December - 2014

December 01, 2014

elb06042 Lithonia Battery 6v 4ah 20hr - Infographic - December - 2014

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6 Steps To Ensure Emergency Light Batteries And Evacuation Strategies Work

November 21, 2014

Written by: Randy Walker


During building emergencies, emergency light batteries light up signs so people can get out of the building safely. Yet when these lights wear out, or there are other obstructions in the building, these circumstances can affect the safety of employees during times when there is a natural disaster or evacuation. Having an emergency preparedness plan and maintenance schedule can ensure that emergency equipment works properly whenever a problem occurs. Here are the 6 steps you can use to ensure the building is safe for all employees and visitors during an emergency.

1: Clear Obstructions From Doorways And Stairs

Obstructions such as storage boxes, supplies, office equipment and even office desks can block the doorways or obstruct stairwells that can be used during emergencies. Never assume that workers can or will use the main entrances in an office. When situations such as fires obstruct these entrances, then side doors and stairs must be free of any obstructions so workers can leave safely.

2: Ensure Emergency Equipment Works

Test all emergency equipment during a set schedule so there are no issues when a real emergency arises. Fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, sprinklers and emergency generators should be inspected by trained professionals to keep equipment in working order at all times. The costs to service the equipment is minimal when it comes to protecting your workers.

3: Store Emergency Supplies In A Convenient And Accessible Place

Emergency supplies such as first-aid kits, blankets, flashlights, battery-operated radios, cell phones, extra smoke detectors, and emergency light batteries should be stored in a safe place that is dry, secure and easily accessible. If a smoke detector breaks, you can easily replace it with a new one to ensure the building remains safe. Other supplies will be at hand for different emergencies.

4: Train Employees To Use Emergency Equipment

Employees should be trained to use the available emergency equipment as well as on how to replace equipment that becomes broken. Employees will need to understand about how to use the fire extinguishers, how to perform CPR, and other emergency duties. Other duties that employees can perform is to protect the building in case of weather-related emergencies or dangerous hazards such as spill containment or safely storing outdoor equipment from hurricanes or tornados.

5: Assign Workers To Evacuate The Building

When you operate a company that has customers or clients going in and out to conduct business on a regular basis, you want to ensure everyone is evacuated from the premises. Assign workers such as managers and supervisors to help people leave the building by directing them to the appropriate exits. The workers should also check all offices, break rooms and restrooms to ensure everyone has left.

6: Keep Everyone Calm When Problems Arise

Even the best laid plans might fail to work. Perhaps the fire extinguisher isn't charged or the emergency light batteries fail to work in signs. Keep staff calm and proceed with the emergency plan despite these issues so everyone can safely evacuate the building.

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4 Reasons To Have More Than One Elb06042 Lithonia Battery 6V 4Ah 20hr On Site

November 12, 2014

It's important that you think about the emergency lighting system that you have on premises. Depending upon the size of the system, there may be the need to have a single Elb06042 Lithonia battery 6v 4ah 20hr or multiple batteries. Even if your system only needs one battery to keep fully functioning, there are plenty of reasons to have more than one at any time.

[

APC Battery Back-Up Systems in the Event of Power Loss Due to an Earthquake

November 05, 2014

To understand why people prefer APC battery back-up systems in the event of power loss due to an earthquake, call at BatteryPlex today at (954) 247-8798.

[

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