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3 Reasons To Buy An APC Battery

October 21, 2014

There are many reasons to buy an APC battery. When you are in any kind of office setting, and you have computers, servers, and other important electronics, this type of battery is going to be very important, particularly when there is a power outage. Since you can never anticipate when the power is going to go out, the battery needs to be in place at all times.

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Why Emergency Light Batteries Are A Must-Have

October 14, 2014

Written by: Randy Walker

Emergency light batteries allow you to focus on emergency situations. You never know when the power is going to go out and for how long. Light is a necessity as it allows people to see, feel safe, and get out of a building that could be dangerous in the dark. The more you can do to prepare for an emergency, the better it will be for you and everyone involved.

BatteryPlex offers a variety of batteries that you may need for emergency preparedness. In addition to emergency light batteries, you may also need an APC battery for your computer systems. All of these are needed to keep your people and your systems safe.

There are improvements being made in battery storage and this allows batteries to last longer. When you have batteries on premises, you can ensure you are ready for any emergency, whenever it strikes. Some batteries can help lighting systems run for 20 hours or longer without a charge.

Life is all about expecting the unexpected. As part of your emergency plan, you want to have as many supplies as you can. This includes a first aid kit, flares, backup systems, emergency food, generators, and emergency light batteries.

Power can go out at any moment. It could be as a result of problems at the power plant, because of a natural disaster, a terrorist threat, or anything else. Without any kind of backup plan in place, you are simply in the dark with no possibility of light – and this is not a position you want to be in at work or anywhere else. You need to do what's right for you as well as all of your employees.

There are plenty of ways to be prepared an emergency like batteries simply make a lot of sense. You can have several within your location so that you are always prepared. Since you don't know how long the power is going to be out, you want to plan for several days. This will require you to have multiple batteries so that you can use them as needed and not have to worry about charging them in order to gain additional hours of use.

Preparing does not require a lot of time and when you can find emergency batteries at a low cost, it works to your advantage as well. You can then purchase what you need for the different systems that you have and keep the batteries in storage until they need to be used. Once the power goes out, you can put a team together in order to get light up and keep everyone safe and calm.

It will be a lot easier to reduce panic within the building. If there is light and everyone can see. Having batteries on premise will allow you to do exactly that.


How The Elb06042 Lithonia Battery 6V 4Ah 20Hr Is Going To Help You In An Emergency

October 07, 2014

When there is any kind of emergency situation, an elb06042 lithonia battery 6v 4ah 20hr is a battery that you want to have on hand. These can work for your emergency lighting systems so that you are able to provide sufficient lighting for everyone. Whether you are an emergency shelter or not, having lighting is imperative to keeping everyone safe.

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Why The Lithonia Battery Needs To Be Part Of Your Preparedness Kit

September 23, 2014

Written by: Randy Walker

Whether you live in an area that is prone to hurricanes, floods, fires, or any other kind of emergency event, it is important to have a preparedness kit. A Lithonia battery is an important component of the kit because it is what will often power your emergency lighting system.

Often, when the lights go out, people start to panic. People can quickly become trampled, injured, and scared because they cannot see where they are going or what they are doing. Having some kind of emergency lighting system is important – and the system is only going to work if you have batteries.

A Lithonia battery is designed to work for a specific number of hours. You cannot know when the power is going to be restored, and therefore, it is a good idea to have several backup batteries on premises. This will allow you to change the amount with regularity since you will be unable to charge them or purchase new ones while the power is still out.

You should always have at least two Lithonia batteries on premise at all times. This will ensure that you have at least to some amount of lighting in the event of an emergency. You cannot rely on other businesses or locations to have emergency backup lighting, and therefore you need to look out for you and your team.

It is a good idea to look at the disasters that have happened in your area in the past. By knowing how long the power was out in those instances, you can build your survival kit more effectively.

You should know how many people are in your location, how many rooms are encompassed within your emergency lighting system, and how many Lithonia batteries are needed within each of the systems. You may have only a hallway that is hooked up to the lighting system and need one battery or you may need multiple because your entire location features a lighting system.

Even beyond a Lithonia battery, there are things that you need for your kit. This can include flares, food, a first aid kit, blankets, and other details. Much of what you put into your kit is going to depend heavily on the kinds of emergencies that your area has suffered through in the past.

Preparedness is always critical and you don't want to be in a situation where your emergency light batteries are no longer working. You will need to charge them and test them with regularity so that you don't run into problems. When you do need a Lithonia battery, it is best to get them before any kind of emergency is even a consideration.

Where you purchase the battery and how many you purchase is also critical, and requires some knowledge of the industry. Working with a trusted battery provider can ensure you get what you need.

Why An APC Battery Is Needed Any Time You Have Electronics

September 11, 2014

Written by: Randy Walker

When you have electronics, it is important to have an APC battery so that you have some level of protection. It is virtually impossible to know when the power is going to go out, so you need to look out for all of your electronics so that they are able to receive the necessary amount of power and shutdown properly.

Particularly when you have a computer, shutting down properly is critical. All of your systems need time to shut down and your computer will need to go through various stages in order to be shut down completely. If there is a power outage, it can flip your computer off immediately, causing damage to the system.

The solution is to use an APC battery. You can plug your electronics, including your computer, into a strip powered by the battery. When there is a power outage, it will provide you with the ample amount of time to power your system down properly so that there are no issues.

Maintaining an even amount of flow of energy for all of your electronics is important to their overall stability. If the power is going on and off, your electronics may get confused and it may affect the settings that they are prewired with.

Particularly if you are in an area that experiences a brownout with some regularity, and APC battery is something that you will want to have within your home or business. This can simply provide the regular flow of energy needed so that your electronics are never damaged by power outages.

Computers, televisions, routers, stereos, and other electronics need to be cared for properly. It can be shocking to see how quickly electronics can be damaged when there is a power outage because of insufficient shutdown as well as a strong surge of power right before you lose everything.

Electronics are too expensive not to care for them properly. An APC battery can be an affordable means of protecting your equipment. It will not only give you the sufficient time to power your electronics down the right way, it can provide you with the power needed. Even when the rest of the power is out. There are various different versions of batteries, such as a Lithonia battery and therefore you can find the ones that you need based upon the components that you have, and the amount of time that you need them to run, even when there is not a sufficient flow of energy.

When you purchase the right battery for your needs, you always have a way of protecting your electronics. It is not something that you want to store inside of an emergency preparedness kit. It should be attached to your electronics all the time to protect in the event of any kind of power outage.

Why Emergency Light Batteries Need To Come From A Trusted Source

September 02, 2014

Written by: Randy Walker

It is critical that emergency light batteries come from a trusted source. When you need to use of batteries in an emergency situation, you need to have confidence that they are going to work as they should. If you cannot trust the source, you are not going to have quality batteries when you need them the most.

A trusted source is going to know about battery storage in terms of how to store the boxes that the batteries come in, as well as the optimum condition for the batteries to be stored over long periods of time.

Any kind of improper storage can result in leaking battery acid, damage to the packaging, and various other issues. Emergency light batteries are going to provide you with the lights you need to keep everyone safe. If you receive a battery from a source that cannot be trusted, you will not have the lights - and this can lead to various accidents and injuries.

A quality provider is also going to know the effect of heat on batteries to ensure that they are stored in the best possible temperature. You won't know what a battery has been exposed to when you receive it. This means that you will not be able to send it back upon arrival because everything will look the way that it should.

Businesses and individuals alike spend millions of dollars a year on emergency light batteries in order to create emergency preparedness kits. If you are going to buy batteries for your emergency light systems, you need to ensure that you are buying from a quality source.

There are various questions that you can ask to ensure that the provider is a trusted source. This includes asking about where they maintained their inventory, what their return policy is, and other details.

If you are uncomfortable with taking the word of a source, you can also look at various details online. Many people will leave reviews about the company that they purchase emergency light batteries from so that you know whether you are getting good ones or not. Even if you need an APC battery, reviews can tell you everything that you need to know so that you get the value for your money.

Batteries can be expensive and there is no reason for you to throw one out before you have had the chance to use it simply because you did not buy from a trusted source. You rely on batteries in a state of emergency to provide lighting to everyone around you and keep people safe. If you're batteries are unable to perform, you are unable to do your job in terms of maintaining safety – and this is a problem that you need to be on the lookout for when you buy the batteries.

How the ELB06042 Lithonia Battery 6v 4ah 20hr is Beneficial for Emergency Lighting

August 22, 2014

Written by: Randy Walker

Key Benefits for Lithonia Wireless Powered Emergency Lighting Systems

ELB06042 lithonia battery 6v 4ah 20hr products service wireless powered lithonia emergency lighting approved by Chapter 1, Article 100 of the 2002 National Electric Code, to service two types of application areas during emergency situations. People escorted from a building in an emergency situation where there is no power, or it is about to be cut off, such as in fires, severe weather or other safety threats, are immediately taken to outdoor holding areas.

Partially protected locations, classified as "damp locations", found under roofed open porches, canopies, marquees or parking areas, are safely lit with wireless lighting powered by the elb06042 lithonia battery 6v 4ah 20 hr. A fully charged emergency battery lasts for 20 hours. Best practice is to purchase these batteries in ten packs, or cases of 20 units and charge them in advance. If the power is out, the rechargeable batteries must be replaced.

If people must be escorted from a building during an emergency and located in a place that is classified as a "wet location", which is an area often subjected to saturation with liquids like water, soap or other liquids from factories or other commercial areas, or in other locations unprotected from rain or snow, water-proof, wireless lithonia lighting is even more essential for keeping all areas well-lighted. Simple emergency lighting systems come on only when alternate power goes off.

Uses for Emergency Wireless Lighting ELB06042 Lithonia Battery 6v 4ah 20hr

Exit signs, emergency power systems, and emergency lighting units are all battery powered to serve industry, commercial and private environments and applications. The best wireless lighting systems in the world are only as good as their batteries. All building maintenance crews should have every emergency system checked regularly to replace and recharge emergency lighting system batteries, and test exit sign battery charge levels.

Best Choices in Emergency Lighting Systems

Use emergency light units that have easy installation and maintenance access. Preferred lights accommodate a tool-less entry to replace the elb06042 lithonia battery 6v 4ah 20hr. Lighting systems with self-diagnostics alert maintenance if any failures are detected. Easy access also insures the system is checked quickly, keeping units ready for reliable service at all times.  

Battery Recycling: Product stewardship programs like Call2Recycle provide no-cost battery recycling. They are committed to responsible handling of these products. is the top battery resource for emergency product batteries and battery chargers. Remember, during an emergency a charger isn't operational, buy extra batteries and store all charged batteries in a cool and easy to access area.  Rechargeable batteries are sold in single packs, two-packs, ten-packs and cases of twenty. Fully charged lithonias have a 20-hour life charge, it makes sense to keep an extra battery or two pre-charged for emergencies.

For Reliability and Cost-Effective Performance, Choose a Power Sonic Battery!

August 12, 2014

Written by: Randy Walker

The name of Power Sonic is simply one of the most recognized names in the global battery industry. Power Sonic continues to earn and build upon its long-lasting and well-deserved reputation as a producer of high quality and cost efficient batteries. Whether in need of a simple sealed lead acid battery or a high performance powersport battery, choosing a Power Sonic battery ensures that customers will be buying into a company that commits to delivering ideal battery solutions for almost any need. This article highlights a few of the standout features customers receive by choosing Power Sonic batteries.

Power Sonic's Sealed Lead Acid Batteries

Sealed lead acid batteries are one of the most dependable and inexpensive battery solutions available. On both fronts, Power Sonic delivers.  Power Sonic lead-based batteries provide outstanding value to any customer that chooses the brand. Some of the more noteworthy features of Power Sonic's sealed lead batteries include:

  • Absorbent Glass Mat technology that gives superior performance when compared to competitors' batteries
  • Valve regulated and spill-proof construction that allows for safe operation in any position
  • A rugged plastic case and cover that ensures the product that lasts, promotes safety and guarantees durability
  • Approved by major regulatory bodies for transport by air
  • The products are all CE certified
  • The power/volume ratio provides unmatched energy density compared to competing battery solutions

In short, these batteries offer unparalleled performance and value, and we are proud to offer these outstanding batteries.

Power Sonic's Powersport Batteries

Power Sonic, unsurprisingly, is also an industry leader in powersport batteries as well. Their Super Sport batteries continue their reputation for affordable and competitively priced battery solutions. A powersport battery should last up to seven seasons, and these batteries more than deliver in the longevity department. These batteries fit almost any sporting needs and will give customers the following benefits:

  • Per usual, this line of batteries provides the outstanding quality and competitive pricing that Power Sonic is known for
  • All conventional types of batteries are available with or without acid packs
  • One of the most wide-ranging and complete lines of powersport batteries available anywhere
  • Choosing Power Sonic for powersport batteries means choosing a OEM qualified powersport industry supplier
  • These batteries are compliant with both the U.S. Department of Transportation and Transport Canada
  • Outstanding ORM-D packaging solutions enable customers to avoid onerous hazardous material fees

Once again, this line of batteries is industry leading and will fit the needs of any powersport enthusiast.

Our Company is Proud to Offer Power Sonic's Incredible Batteries!

In short, Power Sonic is one of the world's most respected leaders in the manufacturing of rechargeable batteries, and we are proud to offer these batteries as a leading Power Sonic provider. Whenever users are in need of a Power Sonic battery, rest assured that our company has the right battery for you at a competitive price! Customers can find the exceptionally popular ELB06042 Lithonia Battery 6v 4ah 20hr Power Sonic battery and many others available on our website at extremely competitive prices!

Why Lead Acid Batteries -- Such as the Lithonia Battery -- Provide Superior Performance

August 01, 2014

Written by: Randy Walker

Lithonia battery is a particular type of lead acid battery which is rechargeable in nature making it important item in the house. A lead acid battery charger provides the consumer with the option of not disposing it after it is no longer in use. The batteries go on the charger for a few hours and then are good to function again.

Since its invention, a significant amount of technology has gone into making these lead acid batteries. A lead acid battery offers the greatest energy per pound and has the longest life cycle within its price range. Consumers are going to get a significant amount of energy out of them for what they pay. As batteries are used for virtually everything from toys to flashlights to television remote controls, having a Lithonia lead acid rechargeable battery is a life saver!!  Lithonia batteries are also great for the environment. The reason is that rechargeable batteries do not litter the environment as owners do not have to throw them into the trash.   

As of now, the Lithonia battery system is the premier battery in the emergency lighting industry. It is mainly used for Exit signs and emergency lighting in case of power failure. The Lithonia emergency battery packs come with a test switch which can be used to operate one four-pin lamp with a battery back-up. The metal Lithonia emergency battery is a great alternative to the expensive original battery and works very well after months of hard use. The batteries can be easily installed and do not need to be charged to start working immediately. Customers need to make sure that the batteries are in stock and the same size as the batteries they currently use.

As of now, there are three main types of Lithonia lead acid batteries. They are Lithonia fluorescent battery packs, Lithonia emergency exit rechargeable battery and Lithonia battery replacement. The battery replacement package has a warranty of 12 months and can last about three times the warranty period when used and maintained properly.  All Lithonia battery models are inexpensive and last a long while.  There will be occasions when some of us will need to buy a new lead acid battery.

However, finding a manufacturer who will give the most affordable pricing is not difficult as the batteries are inexpensive and carried by stores online. Power Sonic Battery is another type of lead acid rechargeable battery that is utilized for more diverse applications such as electronics, computers, vehicles such as scooters and wheelchairs for the disabled and for some industrial and medical necessities.  The popularity of the Lithonia and Power Sonic lead acid batteries reveal that the age of rechargeable batteries is indeed well on its way.

What is the Primary Goal of the APC Battery Backup System and Those Similar to It?

July 22, 2014

Written by: Randy Walker

The APC (American Power Conversion) brand must be used on UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) products. One year is considered to be the average life of standard replacement battery backup systems. An APC battery provides upgrade options and battery replacement solutions for both in-warranty and out-of-warranty UPS products.

These special batteries also take into consideration the sophistication of each UPS product when determining how to streamline functions.  Battery-powered backup systems are designed to protect computers and electronics from power surges as well as brown- and black-outs, which are cases when there is loss of all power to devices.

This industry standard battery backup system has become one of the most advanced solutions to help businesses with their security needs. Other battery backup generators and less well-known UPS systems can cause the loss of valuable business data when events such as the interruption of the power supply, failure of traditional systems, poor data, and issues with the storage capacity of the UPS products take place.  Such events will sour relations between provider of business services and clients seeking data solutions.  

While technological advances may appear to regular folk as a lot of mumbo jumbo, not many people are aware of how to keep their computer systems and digital devices running smoothly. Moreover, as energy requirements of businesses rapidly increase and become more sophisticated every single day advanced battery backups become important. The APC battery backup system anticipates the energy deficiencies in any UPS product and takes care of them before there is any shortage of power. These batteries provide the essential support for businesses when they run increasingly complex computer functions. Some functions can actually harm computers by making them deviate from normal operating procedures. Without this essential backup system, businesses stand the chance of putting their computers at risk. Prolonged exposure to malfunctions in devices may eventually cause failure of the hard drives, and other important components.

APC batteries come with the award winning replacement battery which adds yet another level of security. The replacement battery uses software that allows the computer to recognize changes in the power supply. It then turns off the computer safely.  Another use of an all-inclusive battery back up system is for emergency lighting facilities when there is no electricity.  The elb06042 lithonia battery 6v 4ah 20hr is commonly used for this purpose. The installation of such security systems can cost well over 100 dollars.  It is advisable to invest in up-to-date APC battery backup systems given that the return on investment is far greater than what anyone would have to pay to replace a computer, server or television set.


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