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Tips When Shopping For A Power Sonic Battery

April 15, 2014

Written by: Randy Walker

Batteries vary significantly and it’s your job to make sure you buy the best one to get the most value for your money. As you shop for a Power Sonic battery for your dirt bike, wave runner, ATV or other power sports vehicle, you want to follow some tips that will help you to buy the best possible one for your needs.

Understanding electrical systems is of the utmost importance because you cannot make substitutions when it comes to voltage. If you were to plug in the wrong voltage, despite the size being the same, you could fry the entire electrical system. This can lead to a substantial repair that you don’t want to deal with.

The voltage will be found on the pre-existing battery that you have within your vehicle. If you purchased a used vehicle and the battery is missing, you can explore the details for the battery in the owner’s manual or online with the specific manufacturer and model in hand. Don’t make assumptions to avoid problems with the electrical system.

Whether you purchase a elb06042 Lithonia battery 6v 4ah 20hr or you purchase any number of Power Sonic batteries, you want to ensure that the voltage is correct.

You will also want to look at the battery date code. There are some vendors that are in the habit of selling expired or close to expired batteries. The easiest way to find out about this is to look at the battery date code as soon as it is sent to you. If you are unhappy with the date, you can return it.

Not all vendors allow returns, however. This is another aspect that you will want to explore before you purchase a battery from just anywhere.

Various features should be noted on a battery. When you purchase a Power Sonic battery, you will be able to take advantage of such features as:

- Rugged plastic case

- Spill proof construction

- AGM technology

- Power/volume ratio for high energy density

- CE certified

These features are ultimately why people choose to use Power Sonic for their power sport vehicles in comparison to some of the other manufacturers on the market. Should you find a battery that is in your vehicle and you wish to make the switch to a Power Sonic battery, you will be able to do so as long as you pay attention to overall size and voltage.

Whenever you decide to buy a battery, it’s important to do a little research about the manufacturer, the model, as well as the supplier that you are purchasing it from. Once you know about all three, you will be able to make a purchase with peace of mind knowing that you are getting your money’s worth. You will then have the longevity you need to have power flowing to your vehicle of choice.

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Choose The ELB06042 Lithonia Battery 6V 4AH 20HR From Batteryplex, For Emergency Lighting That Works, Every Time!

April 13, 2014

Written by: Randy Walker

In today's world, nearly everything we do involves the use of power. We depend upon it for nearly every aspect of our personal, family and professional lives. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to ensure that the power sources we rely on are the best possible quality available. The ELB06042 Lithonia battery 6V 4AH 20 HR, available through Batteryplex, is a prime example of that quality.

The Importance of Dependable Emergency Lighting

Commonly used for emergency lighting, the ELB06042 Lithonia battery 6V 4AH 20HR provides a dependable power source. Particularly useful in areas of the building where there is no source of natural light, emergency lighting can prevent many injuries. Bumps, bruises, sprains and broken bones often occur when people are trying to traverse dark corridors and stairwells, especially during panic stricken times of crisis. Keeping them calm and safe, during any type of emergency situation, means enabling them to be able to move about safely, with the assistance of appropriately lit walkways, corridors and stairwells.

Unfortunately, many people find themselves unnecessarily stressed by a failed emergency lighting system when an emergency or extended power outage does strike. Perhaps they chose to utilize refurbished batteries, which seldom provide the extended power capability needed during these times. Purchasing a Batteryplex ELB06042 Lithonia battery 6V 4AH 20HR for your emergency lighting system will ensure that you have the extended power you need when storms, accidents or some other type of disaster strikes.

Public Buildings Often Require Emergency Lighting

Most buildings that serve the public require some type emergency lighting. Keeping these lights in proper working order requires periodic testing, and changing out any batteries that are non-functional or have become too old to provide dependable light in an emergency. Maintaining a good supply of new batteries, such as the ELB06042 Lithonia battery 6V 4AH 20HR, is the best option to keep this mandatory lighting operating properly.

How To Find The Best Batteries For Your Emergency Lighting Needs

Finding the best deal on any type battery is best done by comparison shopping. Take into account customer reviews and recommendations to get a feel for both the quality of the batteries, and the customer service of the company selling them. When shopping for a large number of batteries, customers may be able to qualify for a quantity discount, to save even more money.

It is very important to remember, however, that purchasing used or refurbished batteries can be a recipe for disaster. Many of these batteries were returned because they failed to work properly when originally purchased. Refurbished batteries do not last as long as new ones, and because they can fail without warning, they should not be depended upon during an emergency.

Batteries, such as the ELB06042 Lithonia 6V 4AH 20HR and the Power Sonic Battery from Batteryplex, offer top quality performance that will not leave you "in the dark" during an emergency. In addition, Batteryplex's top notch customer service and competitive pricing add even more reasons to choose them for all your battery needs.

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How To Shop For An Elb06042 Lithonia Battery 6V 4Ah 20Hr

April 10, 2014

Written by: Randy Walker

There are many batteries on the market with various brand names. When you require an elb06042 Lithonia battery 6v 4ah 20hr, you need to be sure you know where to get it – and what to look for. The more you know about the general process, the easier it will be to find what you need. Additionally, you won’t have to spend a lot of money to get it.

You will find that the benefits of rechargeable batteries are numerous. When you need to add power to something, even if it is an emergency lighting system, you shouldn’t have to purchase new batteries on a regular basis. This is only going to cost you more money in the long run and it will have a negative impact on the environment.

Many people fail to recycle a Lithonia battery and this can lead to problems with the environment as well. Regardless of whether it’s rechargeable or not, batteries should always be recycled to avoid the acid leaching into the ground and contaminating the earth.

When you are in the market for an elb06042 Lithonia battery 6v 4ah 20hr, you want to look at what the last part of the battery actually signifies. The 20hr means that it will run for a solid 20 hours before you need to worry about recharging it. Depending upon what you are using the battery for, you may want to have a second one if you do not have access to electricity for charging.

You will want to familiarize yourself with a battery buying guide to help you look for the best battery on the market. Choosing the right supplier is of the utmost importance because you want to be able to get a good value for the money you spend.

Some suppliers will take shortcuts and sell used or expired batteries. This can be dangerous to the system that you are plugging the battery into. It can also prevent you from getting the full 20 hours that the battery should be able to give you in between charges.

Reading reviews about batteries and suppliers can help you to get the best possible battery. Your goal should be to get the power you need at a price that you can afford. While it may seem like a good idea to go with the cheapest battery on the market, you have to look to ensure that there is a strong reputation within the company and that you can make returns if you are unhappy with the quality of the battery when it arrives.

Shopping for an elb06042 Lithonia battery 6v 4ah 20hr is a simple process, but you have to know what you are looking for in order to be successful. A rechargeable battery can vary from vendor to vendor and you need to be on the lookout for such.

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The Need For An APC Battery

March 17, 2014

Written by: Randy Walker

Many people think that a battery is a battery, but do not realize is that an APC battery is very specific. It is commonly used with rechargeable battery systems as well as battery backups. Therefore it is unique and cannot be substituted with just any kind of battery. As soon as a replacement is made of a non-APC battery, there is usually an array of problems that show up.

There is an array of APC products on the market and each and every one of them take the APC battery. How do you know which one to get? It will clearly tell you on the inside panel of the product or in the instruction manual. Paying attention to the size and the voltage will ensure there are no issues with charging or its overall operation.

One of the easiest ways of understanding battery life as it applies to a lead acid battery charger is by looking at cell phones. All of the smart phones on today’s market have a significant amount of technology as well as high-end batteries.

In an effort to save money, some people will buy a charger that is not designed to go with their phone. This causes problems because the charger and the battery are not compatible. This is why many people complain about their phone being unable to hold a charge. It may not have to do with their battery but with the charger that they are using.

An APC battery is the same thing. It’s important to have that kind of battery when everything else carries the APC brand. As soon as you look for a cheaper alternative, you begin to experience problems.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on an APC battery, however. It’s all a matter of finding the best supplier to purchase your battery from so you don’t encounter issues. Sometimes it is worth spending a slightly larger amount on a quality brand to avoid problems with the charge and with overall compliancy issues.

There are plenty of suppliers on the market that offer the APC brand. This means that you have no reason to make a substitution simply to save money. You won’t actually be saving any money if your product doesn’t hold the charge that you want. It goes back to the cell phone example. You may have been able to save $10 on the charger, but if your phone no longer holds a charge, was it really worth the savings? Of course not.

There are specific brands for a reason and you have to respect these brands so that you don’t encounter issues. The operation of your battery backup or anything else may have to do with not using APC batteries. The easiest way to fix the problem is to ensure you have the right brand of battery within your unit.

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Use APC Battery Backup Systems From BatteryPlex For Home Offices

March 15, 2014

Written by: Randy Walker

Working at home provides interesting challenges when it comes to completing projects, so you want to have the APC battery backup to ensure you don't lose all that important work. Unlike working in large offices that may have backup generators and systems that allow you to save your work documents constantly in case of a power failure, you simply don't have such a convenience when you are working from a home office.

It simply isn't cost effective for you to have a small backup generator constantly on standby on the off-chance a storm rolls in over your house. You will need to buy the fuel to operate the generator and there are other items in your home that require such emergency energy more than just your home office such as your refrigerator, freezer, cooking appliances and heat/cooling systems. In addition, you only need to have a small amount of power just to save your work on the computer so you don't have to spend more hours redoing everything.

While batteries and battery chargers are a great alternative to use for other electronics when you can't use the electricity in your house, you need something more substantial than the simple double AA's found in your closet for your computer, printer and other computing devices. An APC battery with electrical outlets can allow you to plug in all the devices you need to get your work saved or finished.

The backup battery system you use will be based on the number of devices you want to plug into the system and how much energy use there will be. You simply charge up the battery and you can have several hours of backup power at your disposal for all your electronics.

Besides just home offices, these batteries can also be used in medium and small businesses. Keep your servers and networks running for a certain length of time by utilizing an APC battery. In addition, don't forget to use a backup lithonia battery system for your emergency lighting and exit sign lights when employees need to evacuate the building. BatteryPlex also has an abundant stock of lithonia batteries to fit into your needs.

So always have your systems protected when there is a power failure by getting backup batteries. You never know when the electricity will suddenly turn off from a bad storm, power surge, or your local electric company performing line work outside.

Have an APC battery handy to finish and save all your important work documents and projects so you can have everything done for your boss without having to start the work all over again just because the electricity goes out. Check out the large selection of backup batteries available at BatteryPlex that will be perfect for all your home electronics and office devices.

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Emergency Light Batteries Keep Your Retail Shop Safe in a Power Outage

March 14, 2014

Written by: Randy Walker

If you are the owner of a retail store, then you are aware of the need to keep emergency light batteries available for emergency circumstances. One of these circumstances is a power outage. Power can go out for many reasons. Often areas that get electrical storms have regular power outages. Other reasons can be power outages due to nearby construction or large-scale emergencies such as natural disasters. However, in the event that a power outage suddenly knocks out the power for your store, it is an important safety issue to have the backup power come on.

The most common power outages are due to electrical storms that strike power lines causing the power to shut down for a few hours. These types of outages happen quickly, with the likelihood of customers and staff inside the store. With fully stocked emergency light batteries powering your secondary lighting system, you can be assured that you will be able to escort your customers safely out of your shop and to their cars without incident. Your staff will also be able to lock equipment and products up properly before they also evacuate the building.

Without working emergency lights, it is extremely easy for accidents to occur and injuries to happen. Working lights are sorely needed when power goes out to keep customers and staff from walking into fixtures or from becoming disoriented in a suddenly dark place. Most businesses have many sharp object, hooks or hardware that can scratch or puncture skin if someone walks into them suddenly. Anyone from a child to an elderly adult can easily become frightened and lost in a dark store.

A high-quality APC battery will keep your emergency lighting working and any other secondary systems you have that need to continue operating in a power outage. These temporary measures are crucial to keep people safe and ensure that your business does not need to pursue liability issues after the fact.

It is helpful to run tests on your emergency light batteries on a regular consistent basis in order to have them working when you need them for a real emergency. By buying the best quality battery that you can afford, you will find that your secondary systems are more reliable and can operate for longer periods of time. While a storm usually will shut down power for a matter of hours, it can shut the power for longer, even a matter of days. It is best to prepare for the worst-case scenario in order to keep your business, employees and customers safe and your inventory secure.

You can also keep stock of extra batteries for replacement purposes in the case of longer outages. This preparedness is especially good if you work in an area that is prone to more natural disasters, a higher incidence of cold weather or electrical storms during specific seasons of the year.

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Why A Lead Acid Battery Charger Is So Critical

March 05, 2014

Written by: Randy Walker

A lead acid battery charger is one of the most important things in your house – and you probably don’t even realize it. Since it has been invented, a significant amount of technology has gone into it. Today, the lead acid batteries are the most commonly used because of their rechargeable nature.

Batteries are used for virtually everything in your home. From toys to flashlights to TV remotes, you use batteries in many different things. You may even have a supply of emergency light batteries to ensure you have the lighting you need when the power goes out.

When you have a lead acid battery charger, you don’t have to throw the batteries out when they are no longer capable of holding a charge for a particular item. The item (or the batteries) goes on the charger for a few hours and then you are ready to go once again.

A lead acid battery offers more than you might think. It offers the greatest energy per pound and has the longest life cycle within its price range. To put it simply, you are going to get a significant amount of energy out of these batteries for what you pay for them.

You also want to do what you can for the environment. You may be asking why rechargeable batteries are better for the environment than standard batteries. For one, when you throw regular batteries in the trash, they end up in landfills.

Batteries that end up in landfills (even the rechargeable ones), are going to release a lot of harmful metals into the ground. This includes lead, mercury, and even cadmium. If you have a lead acid battery charger, you can recharge your batteries so there is no need for them to ever land themselves into a landfill.

Whether you have regular batteries or rechargeable ones that no longer work, it is important to know where they need to be recycled. You can bring them to all sorts of locations for recycling – and this allows you to do your part for the environment.

There are more rechargeable batteries on the market than ever before. While they are a little more expensive initially, they more than pay for themselves over time because of their ability to be recharged. You can use them time and again, thus eliminating the need to go to the store to purchase more batteries for any device in your house.

There may be occasions when you need to buy a new lead acid battery charger. Finding a manufacturer that provides you with a quality one at a low price is important. This will ensure you have the means to keep all of the batteries in your house charged so you can power up what you need to without any issues.

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Understanding the Benefits of a Lithonia Battery

February 18, 2014

Written by: Randy Walker

For people who live in regions where power outages occur at least once a year, it is extremely important to invest in at least one Lithonia battery. As weather continues to evolve on daily basis, however, one never knows when he or she may endure having to go without electricity, meaning investing in Lithonia batteries is something that everyone should consider. It is important to keep in mind that a Lithonia battery is often referred to as a power sonic battery.

Going without power will many times lead to having to go without electric, hot water, Internet and more. For business professionals and individuals alike, having to do without these things can put a damper on regular living activities. Thankfully, there are ways to overcome such issues, and this includes having a 2, 4, 6, 8, or 12 volt Lithonia battery on hand at any given time. In addition, a person may need to invest in Lithonia battery supplies, which can be used to connect with emergency lighting devices.

Lithonia Lighting is available for both indoor and outdoor needs. This brand of battery has been in use for more than 60 years, helping families all across the world with their lighting needs. Lithonia is renowned for being a superior brand, and the customer representatives behind the brand are well-known for providing top-notch customer service. Lithonia batteries are known to be installed into a wide variety of products, including exit signs and flood lamps.

When it comes to enduring a power outage, it is of the utmost benefit to have Lithonia batteries on hand. With these batteries, consumers can rest assured that they will have the best emergency batteries available. Let's take a look at the many benefits of Lithonia batteries.

Considered to be a Power Sonic Battery

Lithonia batteries are considered to be power sonic batteries, which means they can meet the needs of consumers in even the worst of power outages.

Extended Lifespan

Lithonia batteries have an extended lifespan. Depending on how a Lithonia battery is used, it can typically last for as long as ten years. When compared to other types of batteries, Lithonia wins in competitiveness. Since Lithonia batteries have a low discharge rate, they tend to have a far longer shelf rate than other batteries as well.

Enhanced Cost-Effectiveness

When compared to other batteries, Lithonia batteries also have an enhanced rate of cost-effectiveness. Since they last longer and have a longer shelf life, they are available for purchase at a lower price rate than many other batteries. Furthermore, since the batteries won't leak, they don't have to be packaged and shipped in special packaging, which are main contributors as to why they are so affordable to purchase.

Consumers need to make sure that they don't settle for just any battery. When it comes to getting the most for their money, they need to invest in Lithonia batteries. Always remember that Lithonia batteries may be referred to as power sonic battery. Not only will Lithonia batteries help consumers save money, but in addition, they will be able to rest assured that they have the best batteries on hand in case of emergencies.

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Why You Should Buy the elb06042 Lithonia Battery 6v 4ah 20 hr and Avoid Low Quality Knock Offs

February 11, 2014

Written by: Randy Walker

At Batteryplex , you'll find premium batteries such as the elb06042 Lithonia battery 6v 4ah 20hr that are guaranteed to come to your door fresh from the factory and full of the juice you need to power all of your electronic devices.

Batteryplex offers a wide assortment of batteries for everything from battery backup devices to iPods. Batteryplex also carries some of the top name brands in third party batteries, including the Power Sonic battery line.

For example, one battery offered in particular is the elb06042 Lithonia battery 6v 4ah 20hr . This battery is used in conjunction with many emergency lighting systems, including those from Lithonia lighting.

Lithonia offers batteries for its own systems, but by purchasing from a third-party vendor such as Batteryplex , you could stand to save quite a bit of money. All Batteryplex batteries will have just as good if not a better battery life than a similar battery purchased from the original manufacturer of your product.

But don't think that batteries from all third-party vendors are the same. All of our batteries at Batteryplex are guaranteed to work as good as a brand new battery direct from the original manufacturer. In this case, Batteryplex can vouch that the elb06042 L ithonia battery 6v 4ah 20hr offers just as good performance as a battery direct from Lithonialighting.

Batteryplex will never sell you an old, refurbished battery. The problem with refurbished batteries, according to some experts, is that you never know why a battery has been refurbished. If the battery was defective to begin with, how do you know it might not have recurring problems down the line? Refurbished batteries sometimes offer just a fraction of the advertised battery life. When you are dealing with an important piece of electronics like an emergency lighting system, you can't afford to risk having the system not turn on because you were too cheap and bought a refurbished battery instead.

Batteryplex is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our excellent customer service professionals are just a phone call away if you would like more information on why the elb06042 L ithonia battery 6v 4ah 20hr is the right choice for your emergency lighting system from Lithonia lighting.

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The ABC's of Owning a Power Sonic Battery

February 06, 2014

Written by: Randy Walker

A Power Sonic Battery stores electricity for use created by a chemical process involving acid. A power sonic battery comes as a VRLA battery which means a valve regulated lead acid one. The underlying purpose comes as creating a power source that is maintenance free and runs consistently throughout its long life.

Purpose of a Battery

As technology has progressed the need for reliable sources of electrical power became important. Machine marvels have many components and devices need small amounts of electricity to function. Yet the design comes simply elegant. It consists of two plates of lead suspended in an electrolyte solution placed in a container. A process known as oxidation happens where a variety of atoms become combined with oxygen resulting in a positive charge causes the flow of power. The flow of power comes from electrons moving as atoms combine. That flow of electrons becomes guided by metals and flows to the device through the wires. All which creates the conveniences we have on motors and machines today with a power sonic battery.


As time moved on and needs changed features became added to batteries to increase power or more importantly longevity. Clever people found ways to extract more power from the chemical solution. A power sonic battery can have an AGM mat which stands for absorbed glass mat. The electrolyte solution becomes held in the glass mats of glass fiber woven in. This increased the surface area ensuing electrolyte constantly bathes the cells keeping power flowing continually. Hence the elb06042 Lithonia battery 6v 4ah 20hr types used for back up lighting in an emergency giving a full 20 hours of use without recharging.

Selecting a Battery

Several factors come into play when buying a battery. First of all the machine owner manual will define the type of battery to be used. Follow those closely since batteries will fit the port provided and connect easily. What device the battery supplies power and that device needs determines reserve capacity needed. Buy the biggest reserve capacity this cuts down on recharging. Take a look at the warranty. Some batteries are expensive so maximizing their life saves money in the long term. Environmental factors, how a battery is used and how a battery is charged effect its longevity. Do practices that maximize energy output, make for a quick charge up and keep damage to a minimum.

Knowing a bit about battery components, devices, and how it all works help a consumer make wise decisions on purchasing and use. Knowing how to care for batteries increases their useful life saving time and money as well.

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