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9 Advanced Features of the Power Sonic Battery Series

February 15, 2016

Published by Battery Plex 

Power Sonic has been a leading manufacturer of rechargeable batteries for over 45 years. Based in San Diego, California, they manufacture many varieties of sealed lead acid batteries, or SLA batteries, as well as nickel cadmium and nickel metal hydride batteries. Their SLA batteries are used in a variety of products, including lawn equipment, powersports equipment, automobiles, motorcycles, solar systems, emergency lights, backup sump pump systems, security systems, communications equipment, scientific equipment, motorized wheelchairs and ride-on toys, among many others.

In order to function properly, SLA batteries must be able to absorb large amounts of energy, discharge that energy at an acceptable rate, and repeat the cycle hundreds of times without reducing overall capacity significantly, losing large amounts of electrolyte or exposing the plates to excessive sulfation. Through extensive research and industry-leading manufacturing techniques, Power Sonic has produced a full line of SLA batteries that demonstrate exceptional performance, are economical, and easy to install and care for.

Here are some of the most important features that Power Sonic's SLA battery series has to offer:

#1 Low Maintenance

Unlike traditional deep-cycle or automotive batteries, which can easily spill battery acid or electrolyte when tipped, a sealed lead acid Power Sonic battery uses a valve-regulated, completely-sealed design. This not only makes them safer to handle and use, but it also prevents loss of electrolyte and minimizes the release of potentially-flammable hydrogen gas during the charging process. As the electrolyte is consumed during the charge and discharge process, the gases emitted are recombined within the battery itself. This prevents evaporation of water from the electrolyte and eliminates the need to periodically add water, as is required with conventional batteries.

Additionally, its sealed design gives it the ability to be installed in almost any position, except fully inverted, which is good for applications with limited space or unique design requirements, or for applications in which the battery will be in constant motion, such as in powersports equipment or similar vehicles.

#2 Low Self-Discharge

When any type of rechargeable battery is stored in a charged state, it will slowly lose some of its energy over time. In applications where the battery is charged and recharged frequently, this is not much of an issue, but in a situation where the battery must be stored for an extended period before it is used, such as in emergency lights, backup sump pump systems or backup power systems, there must be sufficient capacity left in the battery to supply the required amount of power.

Power Sonic SLA batteries feature a low self-discharge rate of about three percent per month, which allows them to be stored for up to a year without requiring a charge, though it is optimal to charge them at least every six months.

#3 High Discharge Rate

SLA batteries must be able to provide large amounts of power when required for high-current applications, such as starting large electric motors on or turning over a vehicle's engine. With a special plate and separator design, Power Sonic SLA batteries offer low internal resistance that allows them to provide up to 10 times the indicated capacity of the battery for short periods of time. This allows a smaller battery to be used in place of a larger one in certain applications, minimizing weight and space requirements for the design.

#4 Long Life

Both conventional and sealed lead acid batteries have a limited service life, after which the battery loses capacity or fails completely. Power Sonic batteries feature unique plate and separator designs, low-pressure valve regulators, and other features that allow the general-purpose PS, PSG and PSH series batteries to last over 5 years in standby mode or over 1000 cycles in cyclical applications. The extended-life PG series can last even longer, up to 10 years in float applications.

#5 Tough Construction

Inside of any lead-based battery are dangerous chemicals, including sulfuric acid and hydrogen gas. To prevent problems, the batteries must be able to withstand movement, stress and impacts without causing dangerous leaks. Power Sonic SLA batteries are made from impact-resistant ABS plastic that withstands shocks, vibrations, chemicals and heat. Low-pressure valves prevent electrolyte from spilling, while allowing gases to escape during the charge and discharge cycle and preventing dangerous pressure accumulations.

#6 Wide Temperature Range

Lead acid batteries tend to have reduced capacity at lower temperatures, and do not charge as efficiently at higher temperatures. Power Sonic batteries have a wide temperature range, making the versatile for use in many applications where temperature extremes may be expected. During the discharge cycle, they can operate at -40 to 140 degrees, and during the charging phase, optimal temperatures are between -4 and 122 degrees.

#7 Flexible Design

Power Sonic batteries can be used alone, or in a combination of series or parallel circuits to achieve the desired capacity, current and voltage specifications for a particular application. Power Sonic SLA batteries work well in cyclic applications, where they are charged and recharged often, such as solar systems or vehicles. They can also perform well in standby applications, such as backup power systems, where they are stored for long periods before being discharged. There are over 80 different models to choose from, in 2, 4, 6 and 12-volt configurations.

#8 Deep Discharge Recovery

Lead acid batteries that are discharged beyond 50 percent of their rated capacity frequently can suffer from reduced capacity or a shorter life pan. Power Sonic SLA batteries use quality materials and advanced construction to ensure that they can be discharged deeply and more often that other batteries without suffering ill affects, though it is best to avoid deep discharges, when possible.

#9 Easy to Transport

Thanks to the sealed design, Power Sonic batteries have few transport restrictions, unlike conventional lead acid batteries, which are considered hazardous. No special handling is required for surface or air transport, and they do not require any special shipping containers.

Compared to conventional flooded lead acid batteries, or sealed lead acid batteries from other manufacturers, the Power Sonic battery series offers significant performance advantages in a design that is compact, tough, efficient and economical.


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