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AGM Battery 101

December 10, 2012

Written by: Randy Walker

AGM batteries have become popular for boats, motorcycles, jet skis, golf carts, and other vehicles. Do AGM batteries really have an advantage over other types? How can I choose the best AGM battery for my needs? Here are a few facts and tips about choosing the best AGM battery for your vehicle.

What Is An AGM Battery?

An AGM or Absorbed Glass Mat battery is a form of the lead acid deep cycle battery that offers a better storage rate than other batteries although the instant available energy is less. This means that AGM batteries are better suited for vehicles that do not require a great deal of cranking energy but need better long-term performance, like a golf cart or a boat. For any small vehicle that sits in storage for some time, an AGM battery may be a better choice than a traditional battery because AGM batteries tend to hold their charge longer under non-operating conditions.

AGM batteries use thin plates to allow for more effective recharging. However, they are considered very safe batteries and there is little risk of explosion with these devices. AGM batteries typically cost twice as much as other types of batteries, but manufacturers assert that their long life makes up for the greater cost. AGM batteries may also be called Sealed Lead Acid or SLA batteries, or they may be referred to as Valve Regulated Lead Acid batteries.

How Do I Choose the Right AGM Battery for My Needs?

Choosing the right battery size is very important. A battery that is too big can overpower and overcharge and one that is not big enough will not support the vehicle’s needs. There are several ways to choose the right size AGM battery for your boat, ATV, or motorcycle:

Firstly, contact BatteryPlex as you purchase your battery, and we can look up the proper size battery for your vehicle. Dealers have access to databases for all the batteries they sell that allow them to quickly identify the correctly-sized battery for your vehicle. Look up your own size if you are ordering online. You may also find that these websites will direct you to dealers for purchase who can answer your questions if you are still unsure of the size battery you need.

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