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Save Money with an AGM Battery from BatteryPlex

January 23, 2013

Written by: Randy Walker

An Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) battery is one of the most advanced batteries currently on the market. These batteries are often compared to gelled batteries because they have similar benefits, but AGM batteries last longer, can take more abuse and are roughly the same price. At the same time, there are many other additional benefits that will enable you to save some money if you decide to start using AGM batteries from BatteryPlex.


Nearly all AGM batteries are recombinant. Water is used in a battery for many reasons, but the vast majority of this water is lost during electrolysis. AGM batteries allow the hydrogen and oxygen gasses to combine inside of the battery. They will turn back into water after they are finished combining. You will often use 99 percent less water to power one BatteryPlex AGM battery. This means that you will save a lot of money due to the lack of maintenance.

Lower Shipping Costs

If you are used to buying large batteries, then you may also be used to outrageous shipping charges. Large batteries are often considered hazardous, and hazardous shipping can be much more expensive than non-hazardous shipping. AGM batteries are considered non-hazardous because of the glass mats used in their construction. Most batteries allow the electrolyte acid to slosh around everywhere inside of the battery. AGM batteries have glass mats that are used to contain the acid. This means that the acid will not spill if the battery is broken. They are also made so that the acid will not spill even if the glass is cracked. This reduces shipping charges, and makes these batteries much easier to manage.

No Heating

Every battery has some sort of resistance. This creates heat while the battery is powering something. Most batteries require a complex heat transfer system so that they don't burn, and to avoid any fires. AGM batteries will heat up a little during use, but it's close to nothing. You can often use an AGM battery without a heat transfer system. This is because these batteries have very low resistance.

Low Discharge

Batteries will discharge when you don't use them for a long time. Usually the discharge is significant and you will need to spend hours charging the battery to make it work again. Not only that, but many batteries will be damaged if they aren't used regularly. AGM batteries have a very low discharge rate. You can expect a maximum discharge rate of three percent. They can also be recharged to 95 percent or higher even after 30 days of being completely discharged.

Enclosed Spaces

The last benefit that will help you save money is that AGM batteries can be used in enclosed spaces without any venting. This is because the hydrogen emissions are very low. This means that the batteries are safe, and they can be used in convenient places so that you can get power where you need it. AGM batteries are incredibly useful and may help you save money overtime. They don't leak, the shipping costs are dramatically lower, the discharge rate is incredibly low and you don't need to waste funds using a lot of water with the battery. They can withstand harsh temperatures without breaking, and they require very little maintenance. If you want to save money and still have a lot of power, then AGM batteries are the right choice for you.

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