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The Importance of a Battery for Laptop

December 6, 2012

Written by: Randy Walker

It is very frustrating to lose power in your computer and lose all of your work, pictures, and music. While you cannot always prevent this from happening, there are ways to make it less likely by knowing the signs of a dying laptop battery and replacing your battery when necessary.  Here are some of thing you should know about your battery for laptop and how you can prevent problems with your computer’s performance.

Understand the basics of your computer’s battery system. Your computer actually has two batteries: A CMOS memory chip which keeps up with things like date and time even when your computer is shut down for a day or a week; and your rechargeable laptop power battery that enables you to take your computer on the go and plug it in when you return.  The first thing you must do if your computer experiences problems is to decide which battery for laptop is causing the problems. If your computer is giving you continual error messages, it is probably because your CMOS memory chip has died and should be replaced. If your computer works for a bit then dies, or does not hold a charge for very long, it is probably your rechargeable battery. You can replace either of both of these batteries by ordering them online and replacing them yourself or by taking them to a computer store.

If you choose to replace your CMOS battery yourself, open your computer case and look at the large green board inside.  This is the motherboard.  Somewhere on your motherboard is a button-shaped metallic battery. Write down the information on this battery so you can order the correct CMOS battery. When it arrives, remove the old battery and install the new one.

If you choose to replace your rechargeable battery, turn your laptop over and look on the bottom. You should see the battery compartment that is rather large. Find the button that releases the battery and pull it out of your computer. The nice thing about replacing your rechargeable is that your computer will still work as long as it is plugged in, so you can use your computer plugged in until your new battery arrives.

A CMOS battery usually lasts about ten years but cannot be recharged. A rechargeable battery’s life can be greatly affected by usage patterns and environment. Always keep your laptop clean and free of dust and debris. Dim your screen’s brightness when you are using your battery to extend its life. You can also turn off some devices that are battery drains when you are operating in battery mode, such as an external hard drive or your Wifi or Bluetooth.

Be pro-active, especially if you need your laptop on a regular basis.  If you travel often and need your laptop to do your job, it might be a good idea to invest in an extra battery and keep it in your laptop bag. Do not order a new battery too far in advance, but as soon as you notice any problems with your computer you should take the initiative to get a new battery and keep it handy. While you cannot preserve your laptop battery forever, with wise use you can extend its life and be prepared for any battery emergencies.

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