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The Many Benefits of Using an AGM Battery

February 28, 2013

[Posted 28 Feb 2013 by Randy Walker]

Most commercial, truck and automobile batteries sold in the U.S. are flooded lead acid batteries. One of the newest and preferred power unit choices to hit the market is the Absorbed Glass Mat, or AGM, battery which can be used for much broader applications and is rechargeable. It is well worth the added expense for consumers to upgrade from an existing flooded lead acid battery to an AGM battery because it offers the following benefits:

The AGM battery is classified as spill-proof by the U.S. Department of Transportation. The battery acid, or the electrolyte, is encased within glass mats that prevents hazardous substances and gases from spilling out; even if the outer shell of the battery should crack.

Optimum Protection

Not only does its design protect the handler of the battery from being injured, it also protects the environment from battery acid leaks. Battery acid leaks are one of the main contributing factors to water table contamination. The AGM battery is designed in such a way that it can be mounted in any position and on any side of a vehicle except upside down. The design of the battery has the advantage of being resistant to vibration. It is manufactured to protect against mechanical and high impact shock; which is often the cause for premature battery failure.

Runs Cool

An AGM battery is also low maintenance. Unlike, a flooded lead acid battery, the AGM battery uses a drycell design that has a resealable venting system. This keeps it from overheating for its entire life span. With the help of recombinant technology, the AGM battery will always stay hydrated. How is this done? In basic terms, the oxygen and hydrogen molecules inside of the battery are recombined after the process of electrolysis.

Extended Battery Life

The AGM battery has a low self-discharge. It has a maximum monthly discharge rate of 3 percent. With such a low rate of discharge, this battery can go much longer without having to be recharged due to its extended power storage capability. The explanation for this is that the AGM battery has a very low internal resistance. Customers will also appreciate the longer shelf life of the AGM battery. Without anything connected to the terminals, it can be stored down to 12.00V or for up to two years without the need for recharging whichever comes first.

Full Replacement Warranty

Aside from these benefits, the AGM battery has a two-year and four-year full replacement warranty; a longer service life, between three to ten years; and has a 70% longer cycle life and a higher more stable voltage. Further, it is extreme temperature tolerant; operating in temperatures from -40°C (-40°F) to 80°C (176ºF) and is capable of 100% recharge in four to six hours. To date, the AGM battery has been labeled as the most efficient recharge sealed lead battery on the market!

Although no technology is completely flawless, the AGM battery is still overall a better selection, particularly for motor vehicles, as opposed to flooded lead acid batteries and other battery types. With the rapid development of innovative technology to create devices as portable sources of power, consumers can take advantage of the many benefits of using AGM batteries as an energy source. The numerous perks of using these type of batteries more than outweighs any downsides associated with them. However, consumers should be aware of the AGM battery's drawbacks so that they can still optimize the battery's performance with daily use.

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