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Home > Battery Equaliser

Battery Equaliser

Battery Equaliser BatteryPlex is your source for Battery Equaliser additive for preventive maintenance of your lead acid battery on the web. Battery Equaliser is recognized worldwide for its ability to extend the life of batteries. Battery Equaliser prevents and reduces battery sulfation. You will not be disappointed, start maintaining your auto, marine, motorcycle, RV or any type of vehicle battery now. BatteryPlex is your source for quality batteries, chargers and maintainers.

Model Photo Description Lbs Price
Add To Cart    BE-12oz 12 oz. Bottle - Battery Equaliser (Services 4 auto batteries or 1 8-D battery) 20 $19.95
Add To Cart    BE-32oz Quart - Battery Equaliser 32 oz Quart (Services 10 Auto Batteries or a Fork Lift Battery) 45 $49.95
Add To Cart    BE-6oz 6 oz. Bottle - Battery Equaliser (Services 2 auto batteries or 3 mortorcycle batteries) 20 $12.95
Add To Cart    BE-Case-12oz Case - 12 oz. Battery Equaliser 24 Bottles (1 Bottle services 4 Auto Batteries or 1 - 8D size) 45 $478.80
Add To Cart    BE-Case-32oz Case - 32 oz. Battery Equaliser - 12 Bottles (1 Bottle services 10 Auto Batteries) 45 $599.40
Add To Cart    BE-Case-6oz Case - 6 oz. Battery Equaliser - 24 Bottles (1 Bottle services 2 Auto Batteries) 45 $310.80

Standard Battery Problem:
Internal Resistance & Sulfation
Lead acid batteries have changed very little in 70 years. From the initial application of the electrolyte, sulfation begins coating the lead plates causing internal resistance. Aging batteries lose overall performance and require increased maintenance (more water) and charging time. Sulfation will eventually choke out any electrical activity. Stored and inactive batteries accelerate the problem of sulfation, leading to REDUCED BATTERY LIFE.

Reduces Resistance & Sulfation
A small amount of Battery Equaliser to each cell will mix with the existing electrolyte solution. The improved battery chemistry will dissolve existing sulfation and prevent new deposits from forming for years to come. Batteries will charge faster, hold a charge longer, reduce terminal corrosion and reduce gassing (water consumption). Follow normal battery maintenance and DOUBLE BATTERY LIFE WITH ONLY ONE TREATMENT

How Battery Equaliser Works:
A battery is a group of galvanic cells joined together by a group bar connected in varied series. It is important that each cell carries the same values as its partner i.e. same ampere per hour rating, same voltage, same specific gravity of electrolyte.

The simplest method of checking is usually conducted by measuring specific gravity with a hydrometer. If each cell's electrolyte registers 1260 @ 26 degrees, this means that the cell is fully charged and should perform normally.

What happens when these readings vary from cell to cell? If a battery is composed of perhaps twenty four cells and one of these cells appears to be healthier than the rest it is most probable that this cell will become overloaded. This overload may evolve into "thermal runaway" causing the cell to explode.

Battery Equaliser through the cleaning process allows each plate and separator to continue functioning in the manner intended - equal voltage, equal amps and equal specific gravity in each battery cell.

The concept of cleaning out batteries has been going on for years. People used to wash them out using a simple jet of water or quite commonly a mixture of Epsom salts and water, indeed the researchers of Battery Equaliser have come across this mixture being commercially marketed by some astute entrepreneurs. Of course there are a great many drawbacks to this process, i.e. It takes away many of the elements originally placed by the battery manufacturers. the salts will attack the lead, dry it out so that it may become even more brittle and totally upset the specific gravity levels.

A collection of concepts and research conducted on scientific basis was embarked upon in 1978. Advisement from institutes and experts from all over the world was applied, to the development of Battery Equaliser.

Battery Equaliser is designed to clean and alloy the working parts within a lead acid battery by means of electrochemical reaction.

How to use Battery Equaliser:

1. Shake well before using.
2. Avoid contact with metals and direct sunlight.
3. Wear safety glasses while working around batteries.
4. Check acid level in each cell.
5. Add Battery Equaliser to battery according to chart below.
6. Charge battery after treatment or continue with normal use. Allow 5 Charge/Discharge cycles for maximum effect.
7. Wash with soap and water to remove electrolyte and Battery Equaliser.
(Because of the many different sizes of batteries, please refer to Dosage Formula below before treating with Battery Equaliser.)

Quantity to use:
12 Volt Car Battery - 1/2 oz. per cell
12 Volt Deep Cycle Battery - 1 oz. per cell
6 Volt Car Battery - 1 oz. per cell
6 Volt Golf Cart Battery - 2 oz. per cell
12 Volt Large Truck Battery - 2 oz, per cell (8HD or 8D)
24-36-48 Volt Forklift Battery - 3 1/2 oz. per cell
STN & 6TL Batteries - For Military Use 1 oz. per cell

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