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NEC Laptop Batteries

BatteryPlex is your source for Laptop Batteries, Notebook Batteries, and Accessories.
Please click on your model below to view the battery you need.

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LaVie C Series Model LC300/1A
LaVie C Series Model LC500/1D, LC500/2D
LaVie C Series Model LC500/3D, LC500/4D, LC500/5D
LaVie C Series Model LC500J/34DR
LaVie C Series Model LC50H/33DR
LaVie C Series Model LC50H/34CA1, LC50H/34DA1, LC50H/34DB1
LaVie C Series Model LC550/3DW
LaVie C Series Model LC600J/34DA, LC600J/34DR
LaVie C Series Model LC600J/54DC, LC600J/54DR, LC600J/54DW
LaVie C Series Model LC60H/54DR
LaVie C Series Model LC700/1D, LC700/2D
LaVie C Series Model LC700/4D, LC700/5D
LaVie C Series Model LC700J/34DL
LaVie C Series Model LC700J/54DR, LC750J/74DH
LaVie C Series Model LC800J/54ER, LC800J/74DH
LaVie C Series Model LC800J/84DF, LC800J/84DH
LaVie C Series Model LC900/1D, LC900/2D
LaVie C Series Model LC900/3D, LC900/4D, LC900/5D
LaVie C Series Model LC900/3E
LaVie C Series Model LC900J/84DB, LC900J/84DH
LaVie C Series Model LC950/3E, LC950/4E
Lavie G Model LG10FJ/J
Lavie G Model LG10FJHEJ
Lavie G Model LG10FJHGJ
Lavie G Model LG10FJHJJ
Lavie G Model LG10FJHMJ
LaVie J Series Model LJ500/E3, LJ500/4D
LaVie J Series Model LJ700/7E
LaVie J Series Model LJ700/E3, LJ700/4F
Lavie J Series Model VJ10H
Lavie J Series Model VJ80M
LaVie L Series Model LL1000N/84DH
LaVie L Series Model LL300/1A
LaVie L Series Model LL300/4D
LaVie L Series Model LL500/1D, LL500/2D
LaVie L Series Model LL500/3D
LaVie L Series Model LL500/5D
LaVie L Series Model LL550/3D
LaVie L Series Model LL550/5D
LaVie L Series Model LL700/1D, LL700/2D, LL700/3D
LaVie L Series Model LL700/4D, LL700/5D
LaVie L Series Model LL700R/73AR, LL700R/73DH, LL700R/74DR
LaVie L Series Model LL730/5D
LaVie L Series Model LL750/2D, LL750/3D
LaVie L Series Model LL750/4DW
LaVie L Series Model LL800R/74DH, LL800R/84DH
LaVie L Series Model LL900/1D
LaVie L Series Model LL900/5D
LaVie L Series Model LL930/5D
LaVie M Series Model LM300/1D
LaVie M Series Model LM40H/32D1, LM40H/32D6
LaVie M Series Model LM500/2D
LaVie M Series Model LM500/3E, LM500/4E
LaVie M Series Model LM500J/32D, LM500J/32D2, LM500J/32DW
LaVie M Series Model LM50H/52DC, LM50H/62DC
LaVie M Series Model LM600J/52DB, LM600J/62DC
LaVie M Series Model LM700/1D
LaVie M Series Model LM900/1D
LaVie MX Series Model LX60T/51EC
LaVie MX Series Model LX60T/6S1EC
LaVie MX Series Model LX60T/71EC
LaVie MX Series Model LX60T/7B1EC
LaVie NX Series Model LA500J/15C, LA500J/15D
LaVie NX Series Model LA600J/25D
LaVie NX Series Model LB26C/62A
LaVie NX Series Model LB30C/72C, LB30C/72D
LaVie NX Series Model LB30C/82D
LaVie NX Series Model LB33H/12C, LB33H/12CW, LB33H/12D, LB33H/12DW
LaVie NX Series Model LB400J/12C, LB400J/12D
LaVie NX Series Model LB40H/22D, LB40H/22DW
LaVie NX Series Model LB500J/22D
LaVie NX Series Model LT23/34A, LT23/44A
LaVie NX Series Model LT23D/54C, LT23D/54D
LaVie NX Series Model LT30D/54A
LaVie NX Series Model LT36D/54A
LaVie NX Series Model LW23/34A, LW23/44A
LaVie NX Series Model LW23C/52C, LW23C/52D
LaVie NX Series Model LW23D/52C, LW23D/52D
LaVie NX Series Model LW23D/53C, LW23D/53D
LaVie NX Series Model LW26/34A, LW26/44A
LaVie NX Series Model LW26H/62C, LW26H/62D
LaVie NX Series Model LW30H/63C4, LW30H/63C6
LaVie NX Series Model LW30H/63D4, LW30H/63D6
LaVie NX Series Model LW30H/64C6, LW30H/64D6
LaVie NX Series Model LW30H/72C, LW30H/72D
LaVie NX Series Model LW333D/74CA, LW333D/74C6
LaVie NX Series Model LW333D/74DA, LW333D/74D6
LaVie NX Series Model LW33H/73C6, LW33H/73C6
LaVie NX Series Model LW33H/82C, LW33H/82D
LaVie NX Series Model LW366D/74CA, LW366D/74DA
LaVie NX Series Model LW36H/12C6, LW36H/12D6
LaVie NX Series Model LW36H/84C6, LW36H/84D6
LaVie NX Series Model LW400D/84CA, LW400D/84DA
LaVie NX Series Model LW40H/13C6, LW40H/13D6
LaVie NX Series Model LW40H/14CW, LW40H/14DW
LaVie NX Series Model LW40H/84CA, LW40H/84C6
LaVie NX Series Model LW40H/84DA, LW40H/84D6
LaVie NX Series Model LW43H/14CA, LW43H/14DA
LaVie NX Series Model LW43H/22C6, LW43H/22D6
LaVie NX Series Model LW43H/23C6, LW43H/23D6
LaVie NX Series Model LW450J/13CA, LW450J/13DA
LaVie NX Series Model LW450J/14CV, LW450J/14DV
LaVie NX Series Model LW450J/24CA, LW450J/24DA
LaVie NX Series Model LW450J/24DW, LW450J/24EA
LaVie NX Series Model LW45H/23DR, LW45H/24DR
LaVie NX Series Model LW46H/14CA, LW46H/14DA
LaVie NX Series Model LW500J/24CA, LW500J/24DA, LW500J/24DR
LaVie Pro Series Model LH300/2A
LaVie Pro Series Model LH300/3F
LaVie Pro Series Model LH700/2D
LaVie Pro Series Model LH700/3E
LaVie S Series Model LS46H/24DV, LS46H/24DW
LaVie S Series Model LS50H/34DV2, LS50H/24DW2
LaVie S Series Model LS50J/34DV, LS50J/34DW
LaVie S Series Model LS55H/54DV
LaVie S Series Model LS600J/55DV
LaVie S Series Model LS65H/64DH
LaVie S Series Model LS65H/64DS
LaVie S Series Model LS700/8D
LaVie S Series Model LS700/9D
LaVie S Series Model LS7009D
LaVie S Series Model LS700J/36DT3
LaVie S Series Model LS700J/65DH
LaVie S Series Model LS70H/74DH
LaVie S Series Model LS800J/56DH
LaVie S Series Model LS900/8E
LaVie T Series Model LT300/0D
LaVie T Series Model LT300/5D
LaVie T Series Model LT500/0D, LT500/1D, LT500/2D, LT500/3D
LaVie T Series Model LT500/4D, LT500/5D
LaVie T Series Model LT700/0D, LT700/1D, LT700/2D
LaVie T Series Model LT900/1D, LT900/2D
LaVie TB Tablet Series
LaVie U Series Model LU40L/22A
LaVie U Series Model LU45L/3SB, LU45L/33D
LaVie U Series Model LU50L/53DC, LU50L/54DC
LaVie U Series Model LU700R/63DC, LU700R/63DR, LU700R/64DV
Mobile Gear MC-R700
Mobile Pro 400, 450
Mobile Pro 700
Mobile Pro 750C
Mobile Pro 800 Series
Mobile Pro 880 Series
MultiSpeed HD
MultiSpeed, MultiSpeed EL
ProSpeed 286F
Ready 120LT
Ready 220LT, 220T, 230T
Ready 330LT
Ready 330T
Ready 340LT, 340T, 360T
Ready 440T
UltraLite 286F
UltraLite III
UltraLite PC-22-01, UltraLite SX/20
UltraLite SL/20, SL/20P, SL/25, SL/25C
UltraLite Versa 20C, 25C, 33C, 40EC, 50EC
UltraLite Versa E Series
UltraLite Versa M Series
UltraLite Versa M/100
UltraLite Versa M/75C, M/75TC
UltraLite Versa P Series
UltraLite Versa P/75HC
UltraLite Versa S Series
UltraLite Versa V Series
Versa 1Xi Series
Versa 2000 Series
Versa 2000, 2000C, 2000D, 2050C
Versa 2000C, 2000D, 2205C
Versa 2205C, 2250
Versa 2400 Series
Versa 2400, 2400CD, 2405, 2405CD
Versa 2430CD, 2435CD
Versa 2500 Series
Versa 2500, 2530
Versa 2600 Series
Versa 2630CD, 2635CD
Versa 2650CD, 2650CDT, 2655CD, 2655CDT
Versa 2700 Series
Versa 2730MT, 2760MT, 2780MT
Versa 4000 Series
Versa 4000, 4000C, 4000D, 4000H
Versa 4050C, 4050D ,4050H, 4080H
Versa 4200, 4230
Versa 5000, 5060, 5080 Series
Versa 550, 550D
Versa 6000 Series
Versa 6000, 6000H, 6010H, 6030H, 6030X
Versa 6050MH, 6050MX, 6050NT, 6060
Versa 6200 Series
Versa 6200MX, 6200NT
Versa 6220, 6230, 6260
Versa Aptitude Series
Versa AX Series (with AMD K6, 500 or 550)
Versa AX Series (with Duron 700mHz Processor)
Versa AX Series (without Duron Processor)
Versa DayLite
Versa E120 Daylite
Versa E120 Series
Versa E2000
Versa E400
Versa E600 Series
Versa E680 Series
Versa FP440 Series
Versa FX, FXi Series
Versa IXi Series
Versa J2i Series
Versa L320 Series
Versa Lite FX, FXi Series
Versa Lite Series
Versa LitePad Tablet Series
Versa LitePad Tablet VL-PAD-933
Versa LX Series
Versa LXi Series
Versa M300 Series
Versa M500 Series
Versa M540 Series
Versa Note ES Series
Versa Note FX, FXi Series
Versa Note Series
Versa Note SXi Series
Versa Note VX, VXi Series
Versa P600 Series
Versa P700 Series
Versa Premium
Versa Pro A Model VA16S/AG/G, VA17S/AG/G, VA20S/AE/G
Versa Pro A Model VA18S/AF/H, VA18S/AG/H
Versa Pro A Model VA22S/AE/H
Versa Pro B Model VA73J/BH, VA73J/BL
Versa Pro B Model VA93J/BH, VA93J/BL
Versa Pro C Model PC-LC7008D
Versa Pro D Model VA10H/DF/G, VA10H/DX/G
Versa Pro D Model VA10J/DF/D
Versa Pro D Model VA10J/DF/E, VA10J/DF/G
Versa Pro D Model VA10J/DX/G
Versa Pro D Model VA11J/DF/D
Versa Pro D Model VA11J/DF/E, VA11J/DF/G
Versa Pro D Model VA12H/DX/H
Versa Pro D Model VA12J/DF/H, VA12J/DG/E, VA12J/DG/G
Versa Pro D Model VA13J/DG/H
Versa Pro D Model VA80H/DF/E, VA80H/DX/E
Versa Pro D Model VA86J/DF/E, VA86J/DX/E
Versa Pro Model VA24S/AF
Versa Pro NX Model VA23C/WD/4, VA23C/WS/4
Versa Pro NX Model VA23D/TX/3, VA23D/WS/3, VA23D/WX/3
Versa Pro NX Model VA23D/WS/4
Versa Pro NX Model VA23D/WX/4
Versa Pro NX Model VA26D/WT/5
Versa Pro NX Model VA26D/WX/3, VA26D/WX/4
Versa Pro NX Model VA26D/WX/5
Versa Pro NX Model VA26H/WS/5
Versa Pro NX Model VA30D/TX/3, VA30D/TX/5
Versa Pro NX Model VA30D/WT/5
Versa Pro NX Model VA30D/WX/4, VA30D/WX/5
Versa Pro NX Model VA30H/WS/6
Versa Pro NX Model VA33D/WS/6, VA33D/WT/6, VA33D/WX/6
Versa Pro NX Model VA33H/BC, VA33H/BS
Versa Pro NX Model VA36D/AX, VA36D/TX, VA36D/WX/5
Versa Pro NX Model VA36D/WX/6
Versa Pro NX Model VA40D/AX
Versa Pro NX Model VA40H/BS
Versa Pro NX Model VA45J/AX
Versa Pro NX Model VA50H/BS
Versa Pro NX Model VA50H/WT/9, VA50HWX/9
Versa Pro NX Model VA50J/AF
Versa Pro NX Model VA50J/BH
Versa Pro NX Model VA60H/VH/E
Versa Pro NX Model VA60J/VH
Versa Pro NX Model VA65J/AF
Versa Pro NX Model VA70J/AF
Versa Pro NX Model VA75J/AF
Versa Pro NX Model VA85J/AF
Versa Pro R Model VA10H/RF/G, VA10H/RX/G
Versa Pro R Model VA10J/RF/G
Versa Pro R Model VA10J/RH/G, VA10J/RX/G
Versa Pro R Model VA11J/RF/H, VA11J/RX/H
Versa Pro R Model VA12J/RF/H, VA12J/RX/H
Versa Pro R Model VA15X/RF/H, VA15X/RX/H
Versa Pro R Model VA17S/RX/H
Versa Pro R Model VA20S/RF/H
Versa Pro R Model VA40L/RS
Versa Pro R Model VA45L/R
Versa Pro R Model VA45L/RS/9, VA45L/RT/9
Versa Pro R Model VA50L/R
Versa Pro R Model VA50L/RS/A, VA50L/RX/A
Versa Pro R Model VA70H/RS/D, VA70H/RX/D
Versa Pro R Model VA80H/RS/E, VA80H/RX/E
Versa Pro R Model VA85J/RX/E
Versa Pro S Model VA40H/SY/9, VA40H/WS/9
Versa Pro S Model VA50H/SY/A, VA50H/SY/D
Versa Pro S Model VA50H/SZ/A, VA50H/SZ/D
Versa Pro T Model VA50H/TR/A
Versa Pro T Model VA60H/TM/D
Versa Pro V Model VA10J/VH/G, VA11J/VH/H
Versa Pro W Model VA10J/WX/C, VA10J/WX/D
Versa Pro W Model VA40H/WS, VA40H/WT, VA40H/WX
Versa Pro W Model VA43H/WS, VA45H/WS
Versa Pro W Model VA45J/WS, VA45J/WX
Versa Pro W Model VA46H/WT, VA46H/WX
Versa Pro W Model VA50J/WS, VA50J/WT, VA50J/WX
Versa Pro W Model VA55H/WS, VA55H/WT
Versa Pro W Model VA60H/WX
Versa Pro W Model VA60J/WS, VA60J/WX
Versa Pro W Model VA65H/WS, VA65H/W
Versa Pro W Model VA70J/WS, VA70J/WX
Versa Pro W Model VA75H/WT, VA75H/WX
Versa Pro W Model VA80J/WX, VA90J/WX
Versa S260 Series
Versa S900 Series
Versa S940 Series
Versa SX Series
Versa SXi Series
Versa UltraLite (newer 2000 model)
Versa VX, VXi Series


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