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Lifecycle Batteries

BatteryPlex is your source for Lifecycle Batteries. We are proud to provide batteries for all types of gym equipment brands like Life Fitness, Life Cycle, Mega Cycle and all types of recumbent exercise bikes and equipment. BatteryPlex has the best prices on Lifecycle and all gym equipment batteries. Make BatteryPlex your source for all types of batteries and chargers.

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Model Photo Description Volts AH Price

Lifecycle Battery

Add To Cart    0819-0012 Fits Lifecycle Stairmaster series 4200, 4400 - Lifecycle Lifefitness CT8500, 8500, CT9100, 9100, 9500HR, 95Ci, 95Xi - Star Trac 5300/6300, 5400/6400, StarTrac 6100 Pro, 6200 Elite, ET4600 (0819-0012 replaces the 0819-1006) OE 0017-00003-0685 6 2.5 $34.99
Add To Cart    0819-0019 8 Volt Battery - Fits Lifefitness Lifecycle Gym Equipment 5000, 9000 & others - 0819-0019 8V 2.5AH (4 Cell Pack Set of 2 0819-0010 4V 2.5AH batteries) Gates Hawker Cyclon Battery Pack OE 0017-00003-0667 8 2.5 $49.99
Add To Cart    0819-1006 Fits Lifefitness 9500HR - 0819-1006 Gates Hawker Cyclon Battery (0819-1006 is replaced by 0819-0012 - 6V 2.5AH) OE 0017-00003-0685 6 2.5 $34.99
Add To Cart    PS-612 Fits StarTrac Star Step Stepper, Star Trac UB4300 Upright, RB4400 Recumbent bikes - Stairmaster 4400CL Stepper 6 1.4 $15.99

Lifecycle Battery OEM Part

Add To Cart    0017-00003-0667 Lifefitness LifeCycle Part 0017-00003-0667 Replacement Battery - 8 Volt (0819-0019 8V 2.5AH) 8 2.5 $49.99
Add To Cart    0017-00003-0685 Lifefitness LifeCycle Part 0017-00003-0685 Replacement Battery - 6 Volt (0819-0012 replaces the 0819-1006) 6 2.5 $34.99
Add To Cart    0017-00003-0757 Console Battery for LifeFitness LifeCycle Part 0017-00003-0757 Replacement Battery - 9 Volt Lithium Long Life 9 1200 $15.99
Add To Cart    9 Volt Lithium Console Battery Only - LifeFitness LifeCycle Replacement 0017-00003-0757 Battery3500, 4500, 5500, 6000, 6500, 8500, 8500HR, 9100, C3, C7i, C7-0100-01, LC90C, GE09-31, GK19-21, GK19-23, GK49-03, GK49-05, GK49-7, R7, R7i, R7-0100-02, R9i, R9-0100-01 9 1200 $15.99

Precor Battery

Add To Cart    45969-101 Precor replacement Battery 12V 12AH replaces OE part 45969-101 12 12 $49.99
Add To Cart    45970-101 Precor replacement Battery 12V 7AH F1 (.0187" tab) replaces OE part 45970-101 12 7 $19.99
Add To Cart    Precor EFX546i Precor EFX546i replacement Battery 12V 7AH F1 (.0187" tab) OE part 45970-101 12 7 $19.99


Add To Cart    5002-14 SportsArt XT20 XT10 X Trainer Battery replacement OE 5002-14 6 4.5 $10.99

Star Trac Battery

Add To Cart    PS-612 Fits StarTrac Star Step Stepper, Star Trac UB4300 Upright, RB4400 Recumbent bikes - Stairmaster 4400CL Stepper, SC3100, SC4100 6 1.4 $15.99

z - Cybex Battery

Add To Cart    Cybex EC-13207 Cybex OE Model EC13207 Replacement Battery 6V 2.5AH - Used in Cybex Equipment 500C / 700C, Serial# 547590 - Y02, 500R / 700R, Serial# 651458 - Y02 6 2.5 $34.99

Some of the exercise machines and gym equipment we support are: Lifecycle, Life Fitness, Stairmasters and StarTrac machines.

We provide 6 Volt and 8 Volt replacement batteries for models such as: Lifecycle 5000, 9000, 9500, 9500HR, 95Ci, Crosstrainer 8500HR, CT8500, CT9100 and CT9500. Stairmaster 4200, 4400. StarTrac 5300, 5400, 6100, 6200, 6300, 6400, UB4300 & RB4400 recumbent bikes & the Crosstrainer 6100 Pro, 6200 Elite, Natural Runner and Elliptical ET4600 series equipment.

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