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12 Products Where a Power Sonic Battery is Often Used

October 26, 2015

 12 Products Where a Power Sonic Battery is Often Used

Rechargeable batteries are ubiquitous in today's world, providing portable power for everything from cordless phones and flashlights to telecommunications equipment, vehicles and even entire buildings. Power Sonic has manufactured rechargeable batteries for more than 45 years, and is an industry-leading manufacturer of sealed lead acid, or SLA, batteries using either gel-based electrolyte formulations, known as gel-cells, or absorbent glass mat technology, commonly called AGM batteries. For smaller applications, they also manufacturer both nickel cadmium and nickel metal hydride batteries, known colloquially as NiCd and NiMH batteries, respectively.

Power Sonic produces batteries for hundreds of applications and its products range in capacity from a few hundred milliamp-hours to over two hundred amp-hours.

Here are some of the most common products that often contain a Power Sonic battery:

#1 Cordless Telephones

Power Sonic makes several NiCd and NiMH batteries that can replace the most common types of batteries used in cordless phones, including multi-cell packs. Cordless phone batteries are typically designed to have a large capacity that for lasts several days of standby time, along with several hours of talk time, and they must stand up to numerous partial or complete charge cycles, as well as being left at a partial state of charge often.

#2 Flashlights

Flashlights, especially the plug-in versions designed for emergency household use, often use rechargeable batteries to ensure that they always have power, and to reduce the expense and environmental consequences of using disposable batteries. Many use custom battery packs, which can be either NiCd or NiMH, while others use standard AAA, AA, C, D rechargeable NiCd, or NiMH battery packages.

#3 Emergency Lights

Often found in commercial and industrial buildings, but also some residential ones, emergency light fixtures contain a large battery that can power integrated LED or incandescent lights for long enough during a power failure for occupants to find the emergency exits and leave the building safely. Between blackouts, an integrated charging circuit recharges the battery from standard AC power, so that the fixture is ready for the next power failure. Emergency lights typically use AGM or gel-cell batteries, though some smaller models can use NiCd or NiMH cells.

#4 Photography Equipment

A Power Sonic battery is often used in photography equipment, such as cameras, external flashes, light meters and portable studio lighting, to provide power where it is needed during a shoot. Typically, either NiCd or NiMH batteries are sued, with the NiMH batteries being more popular in high-drain devices such as cameras.

#5 Power Tools

NiCd batteries are often used in portable hand-held power tools, including those used in the construction industry such as circular saws, trim saws, sabre saws, drills and reciprocating saws. They may be found in other types of tools, as well, including hedge trimmers, lawn mowers or impact wrenches. With multiple, quickly-replaceable batteries, cordless tools can replace corded tools in many applications, eliminating the hassles of extension cords and the safety problems that they can create, such as the possibility of electric shock or tripping and falling.

#6 Vehicle Batteries

Power Sonic batteries are often used to replace standard lead-acid batteries in motorcycles, or for use in electric vehicles, such as scooters, electric bicycles or even electric motorcycles. AGM technology can provide similar capacities and performance as regular lead-acid batteries without the need for constant maintenance.

#7 Power Sports Batteries

For motorized off-road and recreational equipment such as ATVs, dirt bikes, snowmobiles, boats, personal watercraft and lawn equipment, Power Sonic gel-cell or AGM batteries can provide plenty of power to start the engine and run accessories, without the maintenance requirements of lead-acid batteries. Also, because there is no free liquid electrolyte, AGM or gel-cells batteries can be used in any orientation without spilling dangerous battery acid, which makes them perfect for demanding and rough off-road applications.

#8 Ride-On Toys

Sealed lead acid batteries are commonly used in children's toys, such as ride-on cars and trucks, motorcycles, scooters, and other equipment. Gel-cell or AGM batteries provide the power needed for plenty of play time, while minimizing the amount of maintenance needed and improving the safety over other types of batteries.

#9 Alarm Systems

AGM batteries are often installed in home or business alarm systems to provide a source of backup power if the main power goes out. This keeps the home or business protected during a blackout, or if someone has deliberately shut off the power, allowing emergency services or the alarm company to be contacted when necessary.

#10 Backup Power

In some homes or businesses, banks of AGM or gel-cell batteries can be used as a backup power source to provide electricity to critical systems during a blackout. This typically includes the refrigerator, heating system and specialized systems, such as critical medial equipment. Additionally, some buildings may have a separate backup system for a particular piece of equipment, such as a sump pump that prevents the basement of a building from flooding.

#11 Telecommunications Equipment

In remote areas, AGM or gel-cell batteries may be used as backup power sources for cell-phone towers, emergency radio equipment or other critical communications systems. When the power goes out, the batteries automatically take over, providing power that keeps the critical systems running. When the power returns, the batteries are recharged and kept ready for the next power failure.

#12 Solar Power Systems

Solar power systems often incorporate either conventional lead acid batteries or AGM batteries. In off-grid solar systems, the batteries are used to store power for use after dark, and in grid-connected systems, the batteries can be used as either a backup source of power or as a way to reduce demand during peak times, when grid power is more expensive. AGM batteries tend to be more expensive than standard lead-acid batteries, but they often last a bit longer and they require much less maintenance. Power Sonic manufactures several types of AGM batteries that perform well in solar power systems.

These are just a few of the many products in which a Power Sonic battery can be found. Power Sonic manufactures a wide range of batteries in both industry-standard sizes and custom packages. They offer high-reliability, low maintenance, and plenty of power for just about any application.



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